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Voice Search Whitepaper

At ROAST, we are always striving to drive ROI for our clients. One way in which we do this is by exploring new ad types, devices and ways to connect with the user. Since the launch of smart speakers with built in assistants such as the Amazon Echo (Nov 2014) and Google Home (Nov 2017), we’ve been interested in the mechanics of voice search, how people are using the devices and how our clients could engage with these interactions.

The ROAST SEO & Paid Media teams have been investigating the variety of ways that consumers are using these new devices and how we can we ensure that our clients gain visibility on these various platforms. In the last six months, we’ve been testing devices and today we launch a whitepaper on the Google Assistant and ‘industry first’ “Voice Search Ranking Report”.

Please note: Our voice search reports are not fully automated currently. You will be contacted by the ROAST team to confirm the creation of a report.

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