TIPi Academy Graduate Scheme 2020

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A bit about TIPi Group

TIPi Group is an independant digital network which holds agencies ROAST, Kitty, Rabbit & Pork and Kitty.  Having launched ROAST in February 2015, the company has now grown to house three more agencies, Kitty, Rabbit & Pork and The Market . The network was founded by Ollie Bishop who previously owned and founded STEAK – the international digital agency that was bought by Dentsu Aegis in 2011.

At TIPi Group, we are lucky enough to enjoy a friendly, collaborative and hardworking atmosphere. As a start-up, we are all very much part of making TIPi Group a success as a team, as well as sharing and celebrating our individual achievements.

We pride ourselves on trust, integrity, respect and a can-do attitude. Rather than complaining, we get things done well, and support each other in the process. It’s what ensures we do the very best for our clients, whilst having the very best time doing it.

Our Grad Scheme – TIPi Academy

The TIPi Academy’s core goal is to introduce the students to a host of digital disciplines including PPC, SEO, Programmatic, Mobile, Display, Content Marketing, Paid Social, Amazon Marketing, and Data & Analytics.

As well as this, we teach more broadly applicable media disciplines such as Strategy and Insights and our partner agency, media brokers Electric Glue, have recently joined the programme to educate our pupils on Branding and Media Buying. This partnership adds to the offline dimension of the programme and gives our Academists a better-rounded view of the Media and Advertising industry.

As well as these technical skills and theoretical groundings, we also teach our Academists soft skills. Our Interview and Presentation training sessions give practical tips on how body language and speech can be harnessed to give yourself the best possible chance in a high-pressure situation.

The two-week deep dive takes place in our offices, so you can truly see what it would be like to work in an agency day-to-day and we hope at the end you’ll find the place in the digital ecosystem where you fit in best.


Why did we build the TIPi Academy?

We recognise that we need to stay ahead of the curve if we want to attract the next generation of talent and onboard young, diverse and passionate individuals.

Aiming to break down barriers to entry in the sector, to debunk common misconceptions about our industry and inspire talent to find interests that give them the foundations needed to build a long-term career, we’ve realised that the best way to achieve this was to put the young people’s needs, rather than ours, at the centre of everything we do.

So, we built the TIPi Academy, a free educational programme designed to get you up to speed on all things digital and media.

What will I take away with me?

You’ll walk away with the soft and hard skills that we believe will be invaluable as you enter the working world, as well as being armed with a rounded knowledge of the digital and advertising sector, and a fully formed idea of which role you are looking to secure. And, if we think you’re really awesome and we’ve got a role we think you’d love, then we might even offer you a full-time position at the end of the two weeks.

We’ll also give you a TIPi Academy Certificate of Completion and an industry reference. On top of this you’ll be taking your Google AdWords exams – of course we can’t guarantee you’ll pass these, but last year all of our Academists were successful, so we think you’ve got a decent chance.

Why choose us?

Our ‘alternative’ learning and development programme is a fresh route we’ve built for entry into the industry, and this has been recognised in numerous awards and in the press for its innovative approach towards talent strategy.

Rather than relying on your CV, or a once chance interview, applicants will participate in a series of Q&A sessions, written tasks, networking opportunities, mock interviews and pitch simulations. The aim of this approach is  to enable you to show us a 360-degree view of your personality, interests and skills and to provide you with a truthful insight into what a junior position would entail.

Plus, 100% of our past attendees agreed that the course was more valuable than any work experience they’d previously undertaken.

How do I apply?

Head to the TIPi Academy website, where you will find details of the course and the application questions! 

Or email academy@tipigroup.com for more information.

To apply, email us at jobs@tipigroup.com or fill out this form: