April Kerr, PR Manager



What is your role in the Campaign’s team?

As PR Manager, my role within the Campaign’s team is to gain as much brand awareness and positive exposure for the varied marketing campaigns our team produce. Although I work with the team throughout the full campaign process, my main responsibilities lie in the delivery phase. They include traditional media relations and securing coverage in online and print publications and ensuring we gain placements on related social media channels. All of this is executed with an overarching goal of generating as much SEO benefit as possible.

What is on your bucket list?

I’ve been getting so jealous recently of people telling me about the amazing places they’ve travelled to like India, or Egypt, or New Zealand, or South Africa etc, (the list can go on). So, at the moment, my bucket list mainly consists of amazing countries I want to explore. I’ve never been to Africa, so a tour round a few African countries has to be number one on my list at the moment.

What’s your biggest regret?

Getting so many tattoos (I have seven). I got my first one in America at Uni in 2009 and then the next six within about two years after that. I thought I was so edgy and cool at the time and told myself ‘Nooo April you’re not going to regret them’, plus, ‘they are in the most discreet places so you’ll be absolutely fine!’ My parents gave me a long spiel as expected, but me being my usual impulsive self – I obviously chose not to listen. So now, I can’t say I hate them, but at the same time I’d be totally fine if they magically disappeared!

If your house was burning down, what is the one non-living thing you would save?

I’d definitely want to grab my phone! But as for most, it never leaves my side so that’s pretty much a given. So, my actual answer to this is going to make me sound really materialistic… I’d try and get to my one and only designer bag or a favourite item of clothing as well! (Don’t judge me – these things have a lot of sentimental value!!)

What is the best campaign you saw last year?

I was having a read through Adweek at the end of last year and I saw a round-up article including some of the best campaigns of 2017. The article reminded me of one done by McCann New York, called ‘Fearless Girl’ in celebration of International Women’s Day back in March. As I was reading through and listening to an interview from its creators, I literally found myself in awe of what they had achieved and was surprised at how strongly the campaign’s message resonated with me. It was so simple, yet so effective. A blend that many PR and marketing professionals strive to achieve on a daily basis, but often fail at. In my opinion, this campaign was close to perfection!