International Women’s Day: Talented TIPi Women featuring Alex
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International Women’s Day: Talented TIPi Women featuring Alex

ROAST • 10/03/2022

At TIPi Group, International Women’s Day is important to us as it’s a chance to truly champion the incredible women within our agencies. This year, we asked our amazing TIPi women some questions so that we can gain advice on how we can make a positive impact going forward in order to Break The Bias.


The next wonderful lady featured in our mini blog series where we put a focus on how we can ‘Break the Bias’, is Paid Media Account Executive, Alex Sheppard.


1. What is a piece of advice you would give your younger self? 

Just stop worrying what other people think and just do what you actually want to do.


2. Who is your biggest inspiration? And why? 

I really admire my friends who have gone into very male dominated industries and not shies away from working hand, making their voices & opinions known and have done so well in their early careers.


3. What are some traits you admire most in your female colleagues? 

Definitely their confidence, knowledge and expertise.


4. What has helped you become confident in your abilities? 

Being in such a supportive company where colleagues and managers always shout about your work and genuinely want you to develop and produce your best work.


5. How do you believe can Break the Bias for younger women?

I think creating an environment where younger women know they can speak up if they have something to say or an issue to raise, and keeping a mindset that often a man wouldn’t question the same thoughts and actions that women often do.


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