Spilling the Tea with our MVP: Libby Marshall-George
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Spilling the Tea with our MVP: Libby Marshall-George

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 04/03/2024

Our latest ROAST MVP is our Paid Media Account Executive, Libby Marshall-George. Congratulations Libby! So, we decided to wise up on our knowledge of Libby and ask her some questions…

Libby 101: Summarise yourself.

Pros: Bubbly, positive, good knowledge of hair styling.
Cons: Will try to talk your ear off if sat next to me on a Thursday afternoon. Doesn’t think of cash as real money

Who is your role model and why?

I think Karren Brady is an absolute powerhouse of a woman, and definitely someone who I share a lot of similarities with in terms of how I’ve started my career & in choosing not to take the usual University route. She also has a cracking collection of super expensive earrings.

What’s one thing about you that no one knows?

I’m an extremely bad sleep talker.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I’d love to be able to teleport. I’d spend my 9-5 working & my 5-9 on a beach in the Bahamas. I’m sure I’d find some more practical uses too, whilst saving a fortune on train fares.

What is your favourite memory at ROAST?

Super hard to choose just one, but the last company holiday was such a good laugh, every minute of it was hilarious.


Thank you Libby for everything you do at ROAST, here are just some of the nominations Libby received for MVP:

  • From the moment I started at ROAST, Libby has been extremely helpful, she is someone I look up to in this company! Collaboration: Libby is always happy to help me in any kind of task, and I can see that she does this for the wider team. She is a great person to work with. Restless minds: Libby becomes an absolute pro in everything she works on and no matter how difficult something is to figure out- she will get it done! Integrity & Purpose: Libby is always so kind and helpful. Libby enjoys the work she does and this is translated into the work she produces which is always high quality. 
  • Libby constantly goes above and beyond in everything she does. Libby throws herself into every task and always delivers high quality work – in her typical ‘The Libby Effect’, Libby is always calm and collected and a pinnacle of the TIPi Values.

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