Spilling the Tea with our MVP
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Spilling the Tea with our MVP

Shannon Lynch • 04/08/2021

Each month, our employees nominate a fellow agency member who they believe has gone above & beyond and demonstrated true TIPi Group spirit. Employees’ votes are benchmarked against one or more of our company values – collaboration, restless minds, authenticity, and purpose. With no one director level or above being voted for, it’s all to play for each month for the desired title.  

To celebrate their achievement, we sit down with each MVP and ask them to ‘Spill the Tea’ to really delve deep into what makes them tick, what they love about their job and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. 


This month’s MVP is a very worthy winner, having represented all of TIPi Group’s values internally and externally throughout June, it was a no-brainer for Hamid Khan, New Business and Partnerships Executive. 


What is your favourite part about working with TIPi?

TIPi Group instils a fantastic work-life balance on a day-to-day basis. We have digital experts across a number of services, who are exceptionally hard-working and talented. I am constantly learning at TIPi Group – whether it is a new bit of insight, tech built by our team or the events put on by the company. This is coupled with an enthusiasm and energy that the workforce is able to generate here, which makes for a wonderful working experience.


What is your biggest accomplishment this month?

It was attending and participating in the Richmond Marketing Forum. The opportunity to get to speak to a number of exciting brands throughout the day was a fantastic experience. The incredible work the team at TIPi Group continues to produce makes for engaging conversations with brands and offered an insight into how we are able to approach their problem or challenge. The delight of meeting people in person rather than virtually added to a brilliant day.   


If you could meet any living person for dinner, who would you pick and why?

I would ride the Jack Grealish love-in and pick him. I would ask him how he constructed those exceptional thighs, dribbling tips for my 5-a-side ventures, and the secret behind his hair. We would probably end up in Ibiza too. 


If that’s not enough, take a look at some of the amazing comments some of Hamid’s fellow employees made when voting:

“I’m voting for Hamid, he has a truly collaborative spirit, and absolutely smashed the Richmond Forum and got stuck in helping marketing organise the collateral for the event, he’s a real MVP!!”

“I vote for Hamid for stepping up at The Marketing Forum and staying on to network and fly the flag for the group. Great job and demonstrates each and every value completely x”

Thank you Hamid for everything you do for TIPi Group.


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