TIPi Group swaps clothes for a good cause
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TIPi Group swaps clothes for a good cause

Recently, we turned out upstairs office into the TIPi Clothes shop, for some runway realness. Armed with two intentions: to raise money for Cool Earth, and promote a culture of recycling and reusing amongst our staff.

Thinking about our impact

The topic on everyone’s mind recently has been the environment. As more industries adverse practices are coming out of the woodwork, many questions have been asked about how agencies and brands should be change agents in environmental issues to in turn drive change in consumer behaviour, and minimise the carbon footprint we’re marching along our planet.
As the second most polluting industry on Earth, The fashion industry have been under the spotlight and in heat for a multitude of problems, particularly fast fashion, which emerged to meet the trend of consumers seeking value and efficiency when they purchase goods. There’s been a feeling of change in the air, demonstrated for instance by Sweden cancelling their fashion week in order to pursue alternative options which set new sustainability standards in the industry.
Armed with this knowledge, we decided to embark on a companywide clothes swap, where staff members could bring in items that are no longer loved and swap them for items from other colleagues. All items could also be bought and the proceeds were donated to Cool Earth, a charity we work closely with. The swap was a success and many happy customers left with new treasures, giving the clothes a new home, and reminding each other that re-using something is just as valuable as buying it brand new.
Bebe, PPC Executive at ROAST said of the project, “I’m a very happy shopper, I came away with three items of clothing and TWO pairs of shoes. Quite amazing! The hoard we all put together was a lot better than I was expecting and was a great group effort!”

Jamie, Senior Marketing and Insights Executive at TIPi Group said, “”It was great to see my much loved old clothes go to a new home, it’s definitely something that more offices should be doing”
We hope that everyone at TIPi Group enjoyed our swap, we plan to continue to hold events like this where we can encourage recycling and continue to foster a workplace culture which is collaborative and respects our planet.
Watch this space!
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