Wellness Week Round Up
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Wellness Week Round Up

Last week we held our annual ‘Wellness Week’ at TIPi Group to mark World Mental Health Day.
At least one in six workers experience common mental health problems and, and we recognise that it’s our responsibility as a business to ensure we are checking in and offering our staff as much support as we can!
In case you missed what we were up to…
Ed O’Callaghan, Account Executive at The Market, sat down to tell us about Moustaches, Movember and Men. To quote the statistics, over 500,000 men die every year by suicide, making it the leading cause of death for men between the ages of 15-29. Ed goes on to talk about Movember, a charity he has worked closely with throughout University, who fundraise to campaign for multiple issues amongst which one is Men’s Mental Health. The work of Movember is fantastic, and through recently joining the company from our TIPi Academy, Ed brought enthusiasm for launching a campaign at TIPi Group for Movember. Keep an eye out for TIPi Group Does Movember, we’ve got big plans including our Move 60:60 challenge.

Over at Rabbit & Pork, our voice experience agency here at TIPi Group, our Business Director, Steff Preyer, was keen to investigate the role of Voice Technology in managing Mental Health. Compiling a list of the best Actions and Skills created to help anyone develop a healthier self-care routine, this blog is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a mindfulness app, or seeking inspiration and a helping hand.

Pre-Wellness Week we ran our annual TIPi Talkback scheme. We have always encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit at every level of the business, with everyone having a voice, down from the CEO to juniors fresh out of university.
The internal initiative gives our staff members a chance to voice ideas they have for improving the business from client perks, to CSR initiatives, to cultural benefits. The aim of the scheme is to evoke a sense of entrepreneurialism into everyday TIPi Group attitude, and live by our value of ‘Restless Minds’, as well as ensure staff are satisfied that any feedback/ideas they provide are listened to, and some become implemented.
Across all of our agencies and disciplines, our junior staff members came together in groups and used both their diverse experience and restless minds to create five pitches for some of our senior management.
We had some brilliant ideas, from Coding Clubs to a Buddy System, to the most relevant of last weeks, a whole wellness ecosystem comprising of massages, yoga sessions, mental health apps, a library and much more, all centred on supporting our staff. We loved watching our Teeps come together, to truly collaborate, to build authentic proposals and put together impressive pitches which both develop their presenting skills and show we are constantly evolving. We’ll be implementing most of the ideas above, and fittingly just after Wellness Week.
Finally, on Friday 11th, we braved the rain to take to the streets of London for a three mile walk to both acknowledge and act upon World Mental Health Day by being active, and connecting with one another. From execs, to managers, even including our CEO, we used this as an opportunity to get some valuable time away from our desks. Motivated to do the trudge by the overwhelming correlation between physical activity and improvements in mental health, it also became an opportunity for us to have an open dialogue about workplace wellness, as well as sampling the delights of Southbank market.

At TIPi Group, we are committed to our staff and you can find out all about this in our mission statement. We pledge to support our staff to our best possible extent, whether that is having a buddy, a mentor, an Employee Assistance programme and a culture which fosters friendship and camaraderie.
Thank you for reading our Wellness Week round up, to find out more about TIPi Group click here.