Using best practise SEO to help a long-established brand forge into a new market

The client

A consumer credit reporting agency.


Experian, traditionally a consumer credit reporting agency, were looking to expand into the money comparison industry which had greater potential for growth than the crowded credit monitoring sector.

The client came to ROAST to tackle this challenge limited to using only SEO and CRM channels, with all other channels continuing to focus on credit monitoring – this made it much trickier as in general campaigns deliver much better results when all channels are integrated.


The first step was to put together a business case – an in-depth forecast – 10,000 keywords in the money comparison space assessing competition in the niche product verticals to determine what chance Experian had of gaining market share from established price comparison websites.

The business case revealed that there was significant opportunity in the price comparison space for SEO, so off of the back of this, ROAST devised a two-year strategy. The SEO strategy had a focussed objective which was to increase association between the Experian brand and money comparison in both Google and the user’s eyes.

We did this firstly by fixing historical technical issues, before focussing on expanding the money comparison section of the site. This was done by constructing a clean site architecture from which we could expand and then publishing new content in each of the product verticals to increase our chances of ranking for a variety of high-volume search terms. To complement this technical expansion, ROAST published regular SEO campaigns which tied in with search demand peaks over the course of the year and these had the sole aim of increasing brand relevance within money comparison. As Experian is a data company at heart, the majority of these SEO campaigns utilised Experian data to generate user interest and engagement and got people talking about the Experian brand in conjunction with subjects like credit cards and loans.



YoY increase in clicks on Money Comparison keywords


YoY increase in Comparison leads

What the client says

“We work with ROAST in a very collaborative way; we are partners rather than agency and client. We learn together and we trial together. They are experts in their field, and us in ours, and together we are doing great work.”

Elinor Faulkner-Porch

Search Marketing Manager at Experian