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Radio & Audio

As the most trusted form of media, Radio can play a valuable role either alone or alongside other channels to drive campaign performance. Driving reach and awareness or performance and growth.

Radio and digital work effectively together - on average people are 52% more likely to look a brand up online after being exposed to their radio advertising (Radio Centre 'Radio: The Online Multiplier').

The overall audio market is growing, and much like TV, audio satisfies six contemporary need states; help me escape, lift my mood, amplify the moment, provide social currency, broaden my horizons, keep me in the loop. While Radio still dominates the market overall, both radio and audio satisfy different needs. The increase in audio formats, and targeting capabilities, provide ample opportunity for brands to connect with audiences and reach them in the moments that matter.

The ROAST planning team will consider the whole audio market when considering the best way to reach your audience and achieve your business goals.

Roles for Radio & Audio:

  • Brand building
  • Connect with audiences
  • Drive an action
  • Speak to a local audience
  • Build familiarity and trust

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