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Site Internal Architecture restructure drives 21% uplift in traffic for The Access Group
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The Access Group helps more than 32,000 customers transform the way their business software is used, giving every employee the freedom to do more of what's important.
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The Access Group came to ROAST requiring a Site Internal Architecture (Site IA) restructure to provide them with the solid foundations on which to continue on their ambitious growth strategy. This meant deconstructing The Access Group’s website and rebuilding it based on intelligent data-driven decisions that worked for SEO, CRO, and UX.

The Access Group’s challenge was twofold:

Firstly, the business’s growth heavily depends on an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy. This means a large number of newly acquired websites need to migrate to The Access Group’s site, expanding and adding to their product offering and services. These websites often contribute new content that The Access Group can benefit from, however, they can also bring competing content that can cause internal competition if not managed appropriately.

Secondly, as a result of this rapid expansion, The Access Group’s website was soon becoming an amalgamation of migrated content and additional content that internal stakeholders had been creating. This meant a lot of duplicate and competing content, which was becoming an ever-growing issue, stunting The Access Group’s ability to scale at speed.

ROAST proposed that The Access Group required a complete site restructure, to create a scalable, manageable and a data-led taxonomy that would be easy to navigate not only from a customer perspective but also for search engines needing to crawl the site.



Our in-depth knowledge of B2B markets and, more specifically, The Access Group’s business and ways of working enabled us to hit the ground running and manage complex stakeholder management decisions.

Through our diligent and unique eight-step process to seamlessly manage website consolidation projects, we were able to effectively rebuild the site. This process included in-depth keyword research, technical planning and gathering stakeholder requirements before the new site went live.

Our bespoke process is the key to creating a user-led, search engine optimised site structure to ensure it ranks well across all relevant keywords and provides solid foundations for further growth and expansion.

increase in sessions YoY after restructure (August to end of November)
increase in sessions for HSC pages
reduction in URLs, removing non optimised and duplicate URLs
optimised landing pages created
new industry categories created

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This was a major project for The Access Group in 2020 and many senior stakeholders were involved. ROAST played a crucial role in completely restructuring The Access Group’s Internal Architecture that future proofed the website for further growth and expansion. The success of the new Site IA was instantly evidenced in the increase of traffic and leads. ROAST had such a deep understanding of The Access Group’s broad and complex product offering and combined with their unique 8 step process, meant that getting approval and sign off from senior stakeholders was seamless. Even 3 months post Site IA restructure, we are still seeing the benefits come through.
Jenni Stacey Head of Website at The Access Group