ROAST Labs is our hub of innovation where we explore ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness for our clients through technology. Our Labs team are problem solvers who love a challenge; by constantly striving for improvements they ideate, design and build tools specifically to boost client campaigns. Across our agencies we encourage entrepreneurial thinking, through our mantra of restless minds (thinkers, tinkerers and obsessive optimisers). ROAST Labs fosters these ideas and turns them into a suite of proprietary tech.

ROAST Labs has three goals:


tools that improve the way we work; mean we work smarter and spend time where it matters, adding value

Clarity of data

transparency in reporting, with the right level of detail for the reader, saving our clients time when it comes to analysis, and promoting their success

Actionable Insights

get under the skin of the audience and their behaviours, both online and offline, and turn this into a strategy

Data Insight

Market Listening Machine

  • Challenge: we must understand audience behaviours and opinions, and how these are ever-changing over time.
  • Solution: we built a tool that collects data from reliable sources of customer insights which include the good, as well as the bad, and aren’t tainted by bot users. We can then apply our own breakdowns on the collected data, leveraging custom-trained NLP models, to provide powerful comparative insights including changes over time.
Insight Effectiveness

Placement Experience Score

  • Challenge: we want ad spend to be as effective as possible by reaching users in the most optimal moment and placement possible.
  • Solution: our experience score assesses ad context which allows us to weight bids to premium placements. Publisher sites offering a superior experience will result in a more positive emotional association with adverts seen. Bid up on high quality user expereinces and filter out, or bid down on lower quality experiences.
Data Insight

SEO Projection Wizard

  • Challenge: we need to give clients reliable SEO projections so they can make business decisions.
  • Solution: we’ve simplified and sped up the process of projections: by taking the legacy process that utilised Excel, stacks of formulae, untold patience, frustration and turning it into a web app that leverages the power of The Cloud.
Insight Data

Market Copy Insights

  • Challenge: our clients want to know which ad message will resonate the most with their target audience.
  • Solution: analyse the language and marketing techniques your competitors are using, and assess which are the most impactful. Inspired by Google’s Messy Middle Paper, this tool collects ads and analyses at scale. We take the guess-work out of optimising ad copy.
Insight Data

Real-Time Trend Data

  • Challenge: our clients need insights, not just data.
  • Solution:we’ve automated the collection of Google Trends so clients have real-time access, and more importantly by saving time, our teams focus on analysing the data and providing strategic recommendations.
Insight Data

Integrated Search Tool

  • Challenge: SEO and PPC cannot be treated as silos.
  • Solution: we combines data from SEO and PPC to provide combined search optimisation insights that can be actioned upon by both teams, as needed. Understanding opportunity, overlap and support.
Data Effectiveness

Client Context Dashboard

  • Challenge: clients need to know the ‘why’ of patterns seen in their reports.
  • Solution: a dashboard that incorporates a combination of client performance data, alongside broader market and competition data to give a wider context view. It’s data our teams typically leverage anyway, but centrally accessible, saving valuable data collection time. Anyone can quickly get an overview of client performance, relative to market, regardless of proximity to client team.
Insight Effectiveness

Competitor Research Tool

  • Challenge: clients need to understand what their competitors are doing.
  • Solution: we collect and combine competitor media insights from a range of different sources. This means clients have immediate access to competitor insights and changing strategies.

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