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Decreasing Paid Search CPA by 42% in the highly competitive recruitment market
The client
Job Today is an employment app and website that allows users to secure employment contracts within 24 hours or less across the UK, Spain, and the USA.
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Job Today was struggling to drive efficient employer registrations and job posts on their website due to the high CPCs associated with recruitment keywords. Job Today challenged ROAST to help grow registrations volume whilst also improving cost per registration efficiency. As a secondary objective, Job Today required job posts growth at an improved cost per post.



To satisfy both objectives, ROAST devised a dual KPI strategy that combined an audience-centric campaign structure with automated bidding solutions.

Campaigns were restructured and segmented by audience type, targeting users at different stages of the conversion funnel (new users, site visitors who did not register, site visitors who registered without posting a job, and site visitors who both registered and posted). This allowed for budget to be split across KPIs and spend to be weighted across user types in line with conversion opportunity. Ad copy was tailored to new and returning users to streamline relevancy from SERP to landing page. Finally, exclusions were used to avoid the double-serving of ads as users progressed through the conversion funnel from registration to job posting.

Following the campaign restructure, Google Smart bidding strategies were implemented. The campaign structure meant that separate bidding strategies could be implemented to support each KPI. Over time, CPA targets were lowered, such that conversions were maximised to the most efficient CPA possible.

YoY increase in employer registrations
YoY decrease in CPA for employer registrations
YoY decrease in spend
increase from Q1 to Q2 2019 in job posts

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