Using content campaigns to generate cut-through for a brand in a highly competitive market
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Maiiro is an organic and sustainable skincare brand, focused on harnessing the power of the ocean into its products, with a unique seaweed-based formula.
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Maiiro came to ROAST with the challenge of building a global launch campaign for their brand, to help them create cut-through in a highly saturated and competitive market and establish them as a premium, organic and sustainable skincare brand alongside other top, well established brands.



As a premium skincare brand with a relatively high price point, Maiiro initially suggested that we targeted 35 to 65-year-old women with messaging about the effectiveness of Maiiro’s signature formula. However, due to the highly saturated nature of the skincare market, we knew that by trying to target such a broad demographic with such a standardised message, it would be difficult to create any cut through. Instead, we recommended finding a passion point that potential Maiiro customers could rally around and which would set Maiiro apart from their competitors.

Having researched Maiiro as a brand, we knew that sustainability was a core part of its identity. With that in mind, we researched into sustainability in the beauty industry and discovered that it is one of the worst for plastic waste and producing non-recyclable products. We discovered that a lot of brands were guilty of ‘greenwashing’; making out that their products were eco-friendly when in fact, they were not. We realised that Maiiro’s mission to be eco-friendly and sustainable is what set them apart from their competitors as a “brand for good”, so we decided to tap into this for our campaign theme in order to create cut-through for the brand and awareness of why they were a step ahead of the rest.

With our creative partner agency, Kitty, we created a campaign microsite – Pack of Lies – that housed information about greenwashing, the plastic problem and Maiiro’s positioning on the issue. Releasing press releases and other collateral to journalists, we were able to secure online coverage for Maiiro in top publications and websites, generating an online buzz around the brand and creating a name for Maiiro as a brand worth buying from, among the huge number of other skincare brands already established in the market.



With a targeted distribution strategy, reaching out to relevant journalists and publications, and a successful social strategy we were able to generate an online buzz for Maiiro, as a new sustainable skincare brand that were actively participating in reducing the world’s plastic problem. We secured 25 pieces of coverage, including huge media outlets Refinery29 and Natural Health, with a combined online readership of 27.9million, along with 79.4k estimated coverage views, 83 brand mentions and 48 campaign mentions. Maiiro’s sustainability mission was well-received by journalists as it piggy-backed on a popular trend that the wider audience could relate to and we were therefore able to create awareness of the brand and its values, giving potential consumers a reason to choose Maiiro over other, more well-established brands who weren’t engaging their audiences in the same way.

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