ROAST did a great job in helping us launch our new G3 range into the market in very tough conditions. Through close collaboration with the other agencies and us as clients, we were able to be agile in responding to the data we were seeing and adapting our plan on the fly; leading to consistently high performance that helped us reach our goals.
Andre Santos Marketing Director at Freesat
When we first started looking for an agency to take on our Search account, there were four things we wanted; expertise, trust, understanding and clarity.  On all four areas ROAST out shone the competition and now having worked with them for over 6 months, I can honestly say they have over delivered on all of our expectations. Clients want an agency partner that understands not only their market and consumer propositions, but also the internal workings of the organisations, so they can support the marketing team in navigating their own internal politics and culture. With their experience in working with financial service brands, this seems to be ingrained in the DNA of ROAST.
Stuart Brann Head of Brand & Acquisition at Hastings Direct
We’re a start-up trying to do big things, working with some large companies. We managed to create one of the most difficult situations imaginable which TIPi Group and the crew sorted flawlessly. Despite anything we threw at them to make their lives difficult and nights sleepless (and believe me we did our best), they never complained, never hesitated and always pulled through. I have nothing but praise for this company and its employees.
Kent Vorland CEO at SimplyPayMe App
ROAST are an efficient and easy to work with agency, that are always looking to over deliver on the campaigns they conduct. Their Mobile intelligence, and pro-active nature has already enabled the Maria brand to have opportunities to work with some leading partners in the industry. Their reactiveness is second to none, and they are always looking to get back to me quickly. They have a world-class strategic approach, and bring this to the table when planning the next campaign.
Richard Lee Head of Mobile Marketing at Kindred
The ROAST team has always strived to deliver effective and successful campaigns, tailored to the needs of Real Techniques.  The team are super passionate, dedicated and innovative. They happily go over and above to meet our expectations. We have had a very successful year and in particular, a very successful Q4, for which Roast played an integral part in ensuring we exceeded our goals.
Sadiya Manzoor Amazon UK & EU Account Manager at Paris Presents
When Sky Tickets launched we needed a strong digital agency partner to raise awareness of the brand to both the Sky and non-Sky customer base, build data pools and audience insight which could then be converted into event ticket sales. Delivering a positive customer experience and ROI were paramount of which Roast managed in a transparent, data lead and accountable manor across both PPC and paid social inventory. I view Roast very much as part of the marketing team here at Sky.
Anne Tulloch Director of Sales and Marketing at Sky Tickets