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ROAST specialise in creating bespoke, highly-targeted, KPI-focused PPC campaigns, driven by the metrics that matter to your business. Our teams leverage market-leading technology and automation together with our own in-house built, proprietary solutions to manage complex and high performance accounts at scale while maintaining rigorous best practice.

ROAST specialise in creating bespoke, highly-targeted, user-focused PPC campaigns, focusing on the metrics that matter to your business, while never taking our eyes off the wider picture.

When formulating all of our search strategies, we not only listen to big data, but also identify and understand consumer mindsets and behaviours to inform all of our campaigns. We constantly strive to maximise revenue, while putting context at the heart of everything we do.

Our team focuses on developing PPC best practice through well-targeted campaign structures, stringent keyword optimisation, ad copy testing, audience insight analysis and KPI monitoring.

Key to PPC management is understanding the search landscape, such as closely monitoring keyword competition and continually developing our strategy to be ahead of the curve. Our close relationship with Google and Microsoft means we constantly update our accounts with new features to drive stronger performance for our clients. We work with multiple platforms to build personalised user experiences across Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, and with many optimisation partners including Marin, Kenshoo and Search Ads 360.

  • Audit, recommendations and onboarding 
  • Keyword research 
  • Ad copy writing 
  • Tracking set-up 
  • Audience identification and implementation 
  • On-going optimisation 
  • Performance reporting 
  • PPC and Paid Social Training
  • Market-level insights (in-house tech)

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What is PPC marketing ?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked, providing a way to drive traffic to websites and generate leads or sales. This involves bidding on a select range of keywords which are relevant to the business and their target audience, where the search engine will then display an ad for when that term is searched.

Do you offer support for alternative search networks such as Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads by Microsoft Advertising and Apple Search Ads?

We will often supplement paid search campaigns across multiple channels, as this can be a great way to reach a unique audience. ROAST will very often run Google Ads and Microsoft Ads as standard, with additional platforms being used if they are relevant.

What makes ROAST’s PPC services unique?

At ROAST, we tailor campaigns around your business objectives and what we think will maximise results. Our accounts are therefore bespoke to you, highly targeted to your audience and KPI-focused. We don’t stop there though, accounts are regularly optimised with rigorous keyword review and ongoing testing, all supplemented with market leading technology and in-house solutions for quality control and continued performance. Finally, our Paid Media teams work closely with the ROAST Organic Performance teams to maximise SERP performance and efficiency.

How can ROAST improve my existing PPC campaigns?

We conduct comprehensive audits to identify and implement improvements in targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and overall strategy to enhance campaign performance. We also make sure our teams understand your business objectives, so that our recommendations are always focused on driving business performance.

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