Mobile Marketing Services

At ROAST we use our specialist experience in app acquisition to unlock incremental growth for our Mobile clients. Our team’s primary focus is on acquiring quality new users for our clients’ apps through targeted digital media buys on mobile. We take a zero-tolerance approach to mobile ad fraud and optimise beyond the install to true lifetime value.

ROAST work with a wide range of mobile-first businesses, some of which have their own mobile app, and others who don’t. In both cases, our team is set up to deliver efficient and scalable digital performance campaigns on mobile devices and to maximise the potential of this increasingly important media environment.

We place emphasis on working with media owners who have helped to shape the mobile landscape and understand the usage, buying habits and behaviours associated with a mobile user. As this channel continues to mature we are constantly looking at new and innovative opportunities to help clients solve challenges and enhance the customer experience.

  • Consultancy and on-boarding 
  • App install (user acquisition) 
  • Mobile display – retargeting and programmatic 
  • Paid social app install 
  • Paid search app install including Apple Search 
  • Multi-device and attribution modelling 
  • Anti-fraud consultancy 


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the strategic promotion of products or services through smartphones and tablets across mobile-optimised sites, mobile apps, and in-app advertising. This approach allows brands to engage with their target audience in real-time and drive desired actions such as install and post-install results.

How does ROAST enhance mobile marketing for clients?

ROAST enhances mobile marketing for clients by leveraging data-driven insights and optimisation techniques to maximise campaign performance, whether that be driving conversions or building brand awareness. We prioritise combatting mobile ad fraud, by employing robust monitoring and verification measures to ensure ad spend is protected and campaigns reach genuine users, safeguarding clients’ investments and maintaining campaign effectiveness.

What technologies does ROAST use for Mobile Marketing?

We employ the latest mobile marketing technologies, including location-based services, mobile analytics, and app-specific advertising, to reach your target audience effectively on mobile devices. We optimise performance through innovative targeting and optimisation algorithms, while also prioritising mobile ad fraud detection to protect client investments.

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