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Search Engine Optimisation is a core foundation for any successful digital business. ROAST understand your audience - how they think, how they speak and, in turn, how they search. More importantly, we use our cutting-edge technology to ensure we understand Google’s ranking algorithms and optimise websites to reflect this.

ROAST pride ourselves on our SEO team’s depth of knowledge and continuing desire to evolve our SEO approach. Aiding us along the way, the team utilise industry leading and proprietary built technology to improve efficiency, gathering multiple sets of data to be able to have a full view on both the entire performance of a website and the search landscape itself.

ROAST’s approach to SEO is based on how Google has evolved to understand entities and brands. Does Google understand your brand as an entity? Are they able to interpret different signals from users and attribute them accordingly to your brand? If not, how can we make changes to your site and other marketing activities to aid Google’s understanding of your brand?

Our technical SEO practises cover a lot of bases across on-page optimisation, domain infrastructure management, reporting & insights, as well as technical off-page SEO activity. As a best-in-class technical SEO department we prioritise the many technical activities possible, based on the clients business objectives and the impact expected. Pairing technical expertise with marketing know-how.

Alongside our technical practices, ROAST also build end-to-end SEO content marketing campaigns. We recommend and develop content marketing from a data-driven SEO perspective, making sure we are using content when we see technical SEO efforts won’t be enough to achieve better performance.

Some of our SEO services:

  • Ongoing SEO performance retainers 
  • SEO content creation & outreach  
  • App store optimisation  
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO

We can also offer SEO projects & consultancy work for one-off projects like: 

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