Data Science & Analytics

To fully analyse the value of interactions between brand and consumer, and attribute them to overall conversions for the brand, we leverage a range of measurement approaches. We use as wide a range of data sources and points as possible. We analyse vast and disparate data sets to tease out deep insights that inform our ongoing strategies and identify incremental performance gains.

Return on Ad Spend is our stated single goal when working with our clients, it’s inferred in our brand name too (ROAST). Assessing whether we are meeting that goal means holding our media choices into account relative to that objective, which requires collection, access and analysis of the data that signifies success as well as understanding the wider, impacting context. 

Our team provide solutions and approaches to understanding the role that channels play in driving your key business objectives. We do this in ways that account for an ever-evolving digital ecosystem affected by distinct and disconnected data sources, diminishing degrees of observed data and tightening global privacy legislations.  

Taking a strategic approach to measurement we ensure alignment across stakeholders, clarity of expectations, approaches to analysis, data source needs and tech setup, which results in definitively agreed indicators of campaign success that are fundamental to a thriving working collaboration. 

Our team also represent a capability beyond constrained products, giving both clients and our in-house teams access to analytical, statistical and progressive data technical skillsets that can be leveraged in bespoke ways to define unique solutions. 

By deploying a range of analytical, statistical and machine learning capabilities we can answer the challenges that all brands face in understanding the range of impacts their advertising activities have on consumers.

Our in-house skills equip us to take a bespoke approach to each and every challenge, rather than trying to apply the same methodology every time to inherently different client scenarios. This means that we answer business challenges that our clients have, rather than applying the same procedural approach to every digital marketing challenge.

At ROAST more broadly we apply a strategic approach to understanding our clients’ markets and their challenges within it, using more traditional research techniques to really get to the core of how a brand needs to approach their advertising environment and therefore how we will define success, choose KPIs and measure all interactions. This allows us to build a strategic framework for delivery and attribution that means we can most effectively choose how we will interact with consumers across the digital landscape and therefore what attribution modelling will describe whether or not we are delivering to the strategy.

Our cross-channel, business-central department is also the perfect home for our internal tech development team, who build proprietary solutions that give our teams access to unique insights and data handling efficiencies.

  • Measurement strategy 
  • Analytics audits, setups and maintenance 
  • Tag manager implementation and maintenance 
  • Dynamic dashboarding 
  • Incrementality testing and measurement  
  • Media Mix Modelling (MMM) 
  • MTA attribution modelling 
  • Audience propensity analysis and segmentation 

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