SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking Reports

SGE (AI Overviews) is coming to Google’s UK and Europe results soon. This major change in the way that Google answers questions and requests from users is going to have a huge impact on SEO. SGE Ranking Reports allow you to track your brand's visibility in these search results. While SGE optimisation improves your brand's representation in these results, this service not only covers results in Google but also the results given by Open.AI’s ChatGPT.

Innovation is at the heart of ROAST. Our ROAST Labs team have developed our proprietary SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking Report tool and optimisation service to help brands navigate the biggest change to the Google search engine result pages in years.

Brands need to ensure they are ready for the changes to the SERPS, to do this you need to have an understanding of your brand's current visibility. Our reports allow you to answer key questions, such as where are SGE results appearing? What do the results say? Do they mention my brand or competitors? How can I change the results to mention my brand? Or does the report contain incorrect information about by brand or products?

All of these questions can be answered with a SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking Report, from there a strategy to improve rankings can be created by our team of experts based in our SEO and Innovation team.

Check out our ranking reports:

Using our ROAST SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking tool we have gathered the top question key phrases in each industry vertical.

What data do the SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking Reports provide?

  • Key phrases (questions) asked 
  • The response given by Google / ChatGPT 
  • The type of response 
  • Format of the response (text, table, pro’s & con’s, numbered lists etc) 
  • 3 other data points  

The above is provided in a raw CSV format and a visual dashboard. Reports run over a 6-month period with 3 data pulls. 

What services are included with the SGE (AI Overviews) Ranking Report?

  • Key phrase research (we can use an existing list you may have) 
  • Data gathering 
  • Report generation  
  • Introduction to SGE session and optimisation recommendations 
  • 2 updates of the data in month 3 and 6 

Reports can be run in multiple languages (ones that the platforms support) and different locations.


What is Google’s SGE (AI Overviews)?

Search Generative Experience (SGE) is developed by Google, and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate answers to questions. SGE uses AI in three ways to enhance the user’s experience. It includes AI snapshots, vertical experiences, and conversational mode.

What is Google’s SGE used for?

SGE can be used in three different ways, such as AI snapshots. It is used to generate a summary for longer content and queries. Conversational mode is used to answer follow-up questions and it still retains the context of the original search question. And lastly, vertical experiences provide the user with a preferred list of features as well as additional product details in commercial searches.

What does the new Google SGE look like?

SGE Ranking Google ImageImage Source

Vertical experience is shown above. You can use the conversational mode by clicking the converse button at the top left corner.

How can you sign up for Google’s SGE?

Currently, SGE is not open to the public and requires you to sign up for Google’s Search Labs. However, Search Labs is only available to a limited number of people, and it is only available in English and in the US. There is a waiting list you are able to join.

Is SGE now called AI Overviews?

Yes, SGE is now called AI Overviews. SGE started as a test on Google Labs. After a testing period, Google decided to rename SGE to ‘AI Overviews’ – this is the label that is seen next to features in search results.

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