A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Executive
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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Executive

Isabella Taylor • 25/03/2024

My name is Izzy and being new to the Digital Marketing Agency Industry, I thought I would write about my time at ROAST so far and what my day usually looks like as an Account Executive.

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What is the best part of your day?

Whilst I love my job and the many tasks that make up my day-to-day activities, I can’t deny that I am wholeheartedly food-centric. I eagerly await my 12.30PM Lunch Break, followed by an uncontrollable need for my 3PM snack break, which, due to my aforementioned food-dependency, rapidly becomes a 2.15PM snack instead.

I see you judging me. You know you’re the same.

Alas, back to the tasks that make up my core responsibilities as a PPC Account Executive. I enjoy working on Responsive search Ads the most and the quick and ever-changing nature of working at an Agency.

That being said, the very fact that I look forward to coming into work each day is truly a gift. I am aware that not so many people have the opportunity to belong to such an inclusive, wonderful, and supportive work environment. Whilst many an agency boast their social culture, what stands ROAST apart is the true focus on information-sharing, support for individual’s growth, and a genuine care about each and every individual.

What made you want to get into digital marketing?

I studied Management with Marketing at University and there was a large focus on the creative, branding, content, and research side, and following this, I found myself more and more curious to understand how SEO and PPC work in conjunction with each other.

What advice would you give to people wanting to work in digital marketing?

If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and balancing work on a variety of different projects, then agency life and a career in digital marketing are most definitely a great option for you!

In terms of advice: stay up to date on current trends, research new industry updates, and explore online tools to learn the best practices for the platforms you’re working with. Whilst working in digital marketing can be quite data analysis heavy, being creative and your ability to apply this skill when needed will make your work stand out!

How have you found your experience so far?

So far, my experience at ROAST has been amazing, the people who work here are a huge part of what makes the experience so positive. As someone who recently joined the digital marketing agency world, I have received the best support from my team and the wider group who are constantly available to offer advice, feedback, or an opportunity to ask as many questions as I like.


What have you learnt so far?

I have learnt so much since joining 5 months ago. I was told of the vast learning curve with this that follows starting this role, and they were definitely not wrong!

From Taylor-ing weekly reports to each client, writing and uploading Responsive Search Ads (RSAs), analysing and reviewing campaign performance to make suggestions on budget allocation, the tasks are never the same which keeps things interesting.

My week changes week on week and no two day is the same, but a typical day in the TIPi x Taylor life might look like this:


9AM – Make myself a coffee and a small catch up with everyone in the kitchen 😊

9:15AM – Pod meeting (I belong to Porpoise! These catch ups are great to keep in the loop regarding each other’s activities).

10:00AM – Check budget tracker.

10:30AM – Catch up with my line manager (Patrick) to go through the various priorities and tasks to get done for the week. Client / Supplier calls.

Writing up the reports to send to each client and checking campaigns are running efficiently.

12:30PM- Lunch time and daily quiz with the office.

1:30 –  Ad hoc analysis for the different accounts and applying any campaign optimisations. 

3:00PM – Daily Snack Scheduled.

4:30PM – Ask everyone what they are having for dinner.

5:30PM – Home time.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us here. Or if you’re interested in following Izzy down the digital marketing path, we run a 2-week summer program here at ROAST to teach you all things digital marketing! Register your interest here.