The Best Bottomless Brunches in London – According to Data
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The Best Bottomless Brunches in London – According to Data

• 29/05/2019

Our team of hungry data scientists have analysed all the top bottomless brunch deals in London, so you can find the perfect one.

Over the past few years, brunching has become a staple weekend activity for Londoners who like to shake off their hangovers with some criminally overpriced egg and avocado. But piggy-backing on the standard brunch trend is its bigger, better value, and infinitely more fun cousin – the boozy bottomless brunch.

‘Bottomless Brunch’ web search trends from England over last 4 years

Bottomless brunches have seen a surge in demand and hundreds of restaurants in London have been jumping on the bandwagon. With so much choice how do you find the right one for you?
In order to put a stop to the endless Googling and group chat arguments we decided to create an interactive Bottomless Brunch Map – so you can spend less time researching and more time sipping on Prosecco.
The first step was to analyse lists from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Timeout, The Londonist, Designmynight and Secret London. From these lists we identified 90 of the best Bottomless Brunch locations in London. We then analysed the deals at all these locations and created the ultimate bottomless brunching guide. Read on to find out what we have discovered… or scroll straight down to our interactive map to find the best Bottomless Brunch near you.

The Overview

So how long do these ‘bottomless’ drinks last for?

You’ll most likely be settling in for 2 hours, but a surprising number of locations have opted for a rather rogue 100 minutes.

Ok cool, but is it affordable?

Yes. At least there are definitely options to cater for all budgets. You’re most likely to spend between £30-£40.

What should I expect to be drinking?

By the looks of things, Prosecco. However, locations offered 2 drink options on average, with Bloody Marys taking second spot for popularity.

So the ‘average’ bottomless brunch entails…

Map Overview

One of the main criteria for selecting a winning bottomless brunch is undoubtedly the location. Firstly, nobody wants to have to traipse the whole way across London just to get to brunch. Secondly, you need to be in the vicinity of a decent après-brunch spot, because let’s face it, once you’re out, you’re staying out. To assist your bottomless brunch discovery, we’ve created a handy map, with all the top locations pinned. We’ve also created some filter criteria (explained below) to ensure the decision-making process is as seamless as possible.

Note: For best usability, we recommend expanding the map full screen (top right corner). We also recommend applying one filter at a time to avoid duplicating locations.


Filter Criteria

  • 2+ hours bottomless drinking – This filter allows you to see all the locations that offer a minimum of 2 hours bottomless drinking for those of you who want to extend the prosecco train. Look out for one of the locations that offers a whopping 3 hours bottomless – good luck.
  • Best for drink variety – This filter whittles down the brunch locations to those that offer at least 4 different bottomless drink options. Perfect for catering to large groups with different drinks preferences. One location offers 6 different drink options, surely enough to keep everyone happy…
  • Top 10 overall cheapest – Probably shouldn’t have to explain this one. We’ve sorted out the cheapest options on the list based on the estimated total price. As the cost of food has been averaged, the price may vary slightly depending on what you order, but either way, these locations offer outstanding options for those of you that want to get boozy on a budget.
  • Big Feeders (3+ Courses Included) – Because it’s not all about the bottomless drinks. Head to one of these locations if you want to make sure your stomach is suitably lined. These are the best picks if you want to enjoy at least 3 courses and achieve a healthy(?) balance of food to drink intake.
  • Top Value (Drinks per hour) – These locations are probably our favourites (aptly represented by love hearts). These picks offer a value of drinks per hour ratio of 1 or below, the lower the score the better. Meaning that, to make the most of the bottomless offer, you would only need to consume one drink per hour for this to be worth the money. A very achievable drinking rate I think we’ll all agree.


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