Better late than never – the best we’ve seen this week

Better late than never – the best we’ve seen this week

ROAST • 29/04/2016

Harold Wilson supposedly said once that ‘a week is a long time in politics’. He should have tried his hand at performance marketing. In a fast moving sector, keeping up with the latest developments can be hard – so we’ve collated the news, gifs and digital ephemera that caught our eye.

Leon getting maximum value from minimum spend

Marketing Week’s ‘shoestring marketing series’ offered up its second helping, and explains how restaurant chain Leon teamed up with ‘so hot right now’ Joe Wicks, back when he wasn’t so hot, and smashed 2015 with its influencer led ‘Lean and Clean’ campaign.

What do cats meows actually mean?

Cats run the internet. We all know that. How? That we don’t know. But what we CAN now know is what they’re saying with the world’s first talking collar. adam&eveDDB with what we’re sure is thoroughly scientific research…

How a sporting genius can unravel in front of our very eyes

Simple storytelling, done brilliantly. ESPN and Wright Thompson eating into our lunch hour with this exhaustive take on Tiger Woods, an exquisitely talented and thoroughly flawed icon and the undisputed driver behind golf’s modern renaissance.

Wonderful Everyday: Ikea’s 2016 update

Half John Lewis, half opening sequence of Pixar’s Up, Ikea’s heartfelt epic-in-miniature and latest in their Wonderful Everyday campaign had us all cutting onions in the ROAST office. Shout out to the person who piked that soundtrack, too.

The mosquito killing billboard in South America

In partnership with Posterscope, and in response to the health emergency that is the Zika virus, Brazilian agency NBS developed a billboard that attracts mosquitos from miles around. Check out this piece of inventive thinking and attempt at a creative solution to a serious problem.

Wish you were here?

Remember flicking through holiday brochures? Hilton, OMD and Opera Mediaworks have taken choosing your holiday destination to the next level with these 360-degree interactive ads that let you see the ocean, the coral reef, your hotel room…the only thing that seems to be missing is the opportunity  to get your feet wet. Only a matter of time, we’re sure.