BrightonSEO: The ROAST Rundown

BrightonSEO: The ROAST Rundown

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 13/05/2024

The ROAST team recently attended BrightonSEO, the world’s largest search marketing conference and have summed up their thoughts, their highlights, and key takeaways below. You’ll be hearing from our Organic Performance and Paid Media Execs – check out what they have to say.

Isabelle Abraham – Organic Performance Executive 

“My first time at Brighton SEO can be summed up in one word: ‘Enlightening’. Attending the conference was a truly informative experience, and it was fantastic to connect with so many members of the SEO community under one goal – to learn.  

The presentations I attended varied in discipline, from Content Marketing to Tech SEO. However, they were all rich in terms of information and delivery. I enjoyed how some highlighted case studies that can be viewed as learning experiences and others approached SEO tasks from a unique angle.  

It was interesting to notice the common topics that were discussed across different SEO disciplines, like Search Generative Experience and AI. They served as reminders that there are changes across the SEO landscape that are felt industry wide, and the fact that so many speakers candidly expressed their opinions to the audience drove home the sense of community that was felt at the conference.” 

Highlight of Brighton SEO: A/B Testing for optimising a page with 12 million monthly visits – Embrace the testing mindset, learn from experience, and drive change.

Isabella Taylor-PPCPaid Media Account Executive  

“This was my first year attending the Brighton SEO event and it was an incredible experience being surrounded by so many innovative and motivating people.  

My day consisted of watching the Paid and Social Advertising talks which ranged from people speaking about the tips and tricks they have learned from their past experiences, how to combat the ongoing cookie and third-party data issues in a digital world; and others spoke of the importance of taking a step back and reminding ourselves that building brand trust and delivering brand voice for our clients is equally as important as driving conversions and increasing CTR. 

It was such an inspirational event to attend and listen to industry experts and young professionals speak passionately about PPC. “ 

The highlight of the day: Embracing change: prepare your strategy for a cookieless future

ROAST at BrightonSEO

Saad Ahmad – Organic Performance Executive 

“Having been my first time at BrightonSEO, it exceeded my expectations on how much knowledge and expertise surrounds you during the event. I went to all the presentations that piqued my interest and managed to return with a whole new perspective on current hot topics in SEO, particularly SGE. 

What I found interesting was that many of the talks inspired new perspectives on fundamental aspects of SEO, allowing me to walk away with a fresh new outlook on how to approach even the simplest problems that we face on a regular basis. 

The highlight of BrightonSEO: “How to talk about your competition” gave me a whole new perspective on how to talk about your competition, despite it being a practice used very selectively by businesses. 

ROAST at BrightonSEO

Sirui Bai – Senior Organic Performance Executive 

“My first experience at BrightonSEO was in 2021 when I was a newcomer to the industry. This year’s event offered a comprehensive reflection on my growth over the past two years. As expected, it presented a varied array of content suitable for a wide audience, regardless of their background or industry. While this inclusivity may limit in-depth exploration, participating in talks was instrumental in solidifying my understanding. I particularly commend the speakers for their impactful visualisations, which inspired me on effectively on presenting our analyses and insights to our clients. 

Highlight of the day: “Understand and create Xpath for almost any customer extraction 

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