Exploring the goldmine of B2B Migrations with Daphne Xenakis at Advanced Tech SEO Summit

31 Jul 2020

Marketing Executive

Exploring the goldmine of B2B Migrations with Daphne Xenakis at Advanced Tech SEO Summit

Earlier today, we tuned into the Advanced Technical SEO Summit run by Brighton SEO and Search Metrics, to hear Daphne Xenakis our Technical SEO Account Manager speak about B2B Migrations.

Her session, ‘B2B Migrations: A Hidden (oft-neglected) Goldmine for Mergers & Acquisitions’ was packed with insights about these unique migrations. We wrapped it up for you below:

The Hidden Goldmine

In this session, Daphne took us through her experience with B2B Migrations, the hidden goldmine for Mergers and Acquisitions which are often neglected.

Just like your physical assets, companies digital assets will be nurtured, invested in and grow in visibility and reach over time. Websites have hours of hard work poured into them and translate to a level of digital equity which can help you grow your business.


When companies merge or acquire others, they often forget the significant value their online presence has earned and leave them to rot.

Trials and Tribulations

Daphne took us through the trials and tribulations of B2B Migrations and summarised her key pieces of advice for an SEO working on a B2B migration:


  1. Get all the logins
  2. Manage client expectations
  3. Have a dedicated internal IT connection, good communication is critical
  4. Don’t waste those years of growth

The result when it works?

Greater authority, links (and their equity), wider keyword ranking ability and more come to fruition when you start to consolidate your acquisitions into one place.


Thanks to Daphne for such an interesting insight into the goldmine that is B2B migrations! Catch the rest of the talks on the Advanced Tech SEO Summit page.

Marketing Executive

Christina joined TIPi Group as a Marketing Account Executive in September 2019. She supports the Marketing Director to drive forward awareness of all TIPi Group brands.