Key Takeaways from IAB Engage 2019

Key Takeaways from IAB Engage 2019

ROAST • 06/06/2019

ROAST SEO Account Executive Evelyne takes us through the key insights from her three favourite talks of IAB Engage 2019

1) Google Creative Lab

Four basic ways to make creativity go further:

1 – Be the stage, not the star.

When it comes to technology, the most important thing is not the shiniest. More often than not, the stage around the star is what makes the show spectacular.

When we focus on the stage, the users will have with a lot of things to interact aside from the star. More interaction = more leads or conversions.


2 – Diversity = Creativity

The more diverse is the environment we surround ourselves with, the more we get in touch with creativity. Different always brings out ideas and mindsets we have yet to experience.


3 – Naivety + Invincibility

When working on a project, be naive. Don’t mind if it doesn’t work. That will make your creativity and productivity invincible, in order to create a result that will make a difference.


4 – Spend 99% of your time MAKING

When you spend most of your time into creation, just for the sake of creation, the result will be a success.

Google is always pursuing collaborations that will make a difference. Even with industries that doesn’t seem to be directly connected to them like Google Jacquard and Levis where Levis created a jacket special for bikers. (see youtube video, that jacket is awesome).
They have a specific interest in arts and culture, where they collaborated with museums around the world ( Including Natural History Museum of London) and they are bringing back to life virtual reality all the historic creatures.
They also share a big portion of their campaigns dedicated to women empowerment. Grow with Google (women will) where tech skills are being taught to women around the world, to empower them and develop their passion through internet.
Side Note:
Google is brilliantly taking advantage of every opportunity they have to expand. And they do it with the way SEO works. Data and appeal to emotion. (Don’t they have enough already!?)

2) Creating For The Future

What separates good from great?
Huge companies that started from small businesses and developed to multi billionaire industries, didn’t only offer a solution to a problem.
They changed MINDSETS.
Airbnb changed the way we are thinking when we now go for holidays, by offering accommodation (not something new) with an approachable price to a home away from home.
Sometimes the original solution may not be something innovating, but taking them to a step further, creates a new mindset to something we already know.
Followed by an example of Netflix and Blockbusters, with the history of Netflix and how it hit major success:

Surprisingly, Netflix offered to sell to Blockbuster in 2000, only to introduce streaming in 2007. And with one solution within the already well-known solution, MOVIES, Netflix, from a small struggling company became a massive industry.

3) Making Digital Creative Again


There is a claim that  “Attention is a diminishing Commodity’’.
But when we analyse human behaviour, we can clearly see that people don’t have a short attention span, they just choose where to pay attention.
This is a huge opportunity for Brands, to compete for the user’s attention and not with other Brands.

33% of every hour online is dedicated to watch videos, with the prime time being around 8 pm. (SEO opportunity for links)
When you use powerful language (content is king after all) combined with the ideal imagery, we can create intense emotion to the user, which will not just create relationship, but experiences.
Contribution > Distribution
Because people will spend more time experiencing. And more time means more opportunities.