ROAST’s Company Culture Nominated for Two Awards
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ROAST’s Company Culture Nominated for Two Awards

ROAST • 08/09/2017

Yesterday, after hearing that ROAST had been nominated in the Business Culture awards, for not one, but two titles in Business Culture excellence, we felt proud that our continuous efforts to put our staff members at the heart of our business are being recognised.

Since launching in February 2015, ROAST has grown to over 50 people, servicing over 20 clients across SEO & PPC. It can be easy for people to get lost in large organisations, you can walk past dozens of people and never even say hello, despite working there for years, and we knew that was something that couldn’t happen at ROAST, no matter how big we grew to. We wanted to always retain a family-unit mentality, where everyone was looking after each other and helping them achieve their full potential.

Our approach was and has remained to put people first. Before profits, before industry recognition, before winning awards, we have always known we wanted to build a culture where people at ROAST are heard and felt incredibly valued.

We feel proud to have achieved what we started out to do – to build a family-feel collective of individuals, that support and encourage each other to perform to the best of their ability whilst being the happiest they can be.

Well done to the team! Click here to see the full shortlist.