Spilling the Tea with our MVP
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Spilling the Tea with our MVP

ROAST • 03/12/2021

Each month, our employees nominate a fellow agency member who they believe has gone above & beyond and demonstrated true TIPi Group spirit. Employees’ votes are benchmarked against one or more of our company values – collaboration, restless minds, authenticity, and purpose. With no one director level or above being voted for, it’s all to play for each month for the desired title.  

To celebrate their achievement, we sit down with each MVP and ask them to ‘Spill the Tea’ to really delve deep into what makes them tick, what they love about their job and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. 


This month, after a landslide win, we’re celebrating August’s MVP, Cat Stirk.

Having only joined in January as an Intern and has now progressed to an Executive, she has exceeded the expectations of everyone around her. Successfully stepping up to her first Project Management experience role, and receiving rave reviews form the client, it came to no surprise when Cat was voted as August’s MVP.


How did TIPi Group help you to settle into your role when working virtually?

I had such a warm welcome to TIPi Group and was made to feel comfortable straight away, so much so that joining virtually felt natural. Between the online company meetings, quizzes, daily stand-ups with everyone in Kitty, and everyone in the wider company being so kind and helpful, it soon felt like I had been part of the company for years.

What is your favourite website and why?

I think for nostalgic reasons, my favourite website would have to be one which my dad made for me when I was a kid. It randomly generated numbers between 1-12 for a multiplication quiz, and the screen would slowly turn red the longer you took to answer the questions. It made learning my times tables feel like a game! It was the early 2000s so the thing looked horrible (sorry dad!), but it made me realise anyone can build a website, as long as they had an idea and the patience to learn.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Very simple and probably boring but I would have to go for pasta with a really good, garlicky tomato sauce. At University, I would practically have it every night and not get bored!


Thank you Cat for representing all of TIPi Group’s values in everything you do!


TIPi Group is growing! If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our open vacancies here