Spilling the Tea with our MVP
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Spilling the Tea with our MVP

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 28/02/2023

Each month, our employees nominate a fellow colleague who they believe has gone above and beyond, demonstrating true TIPi Group spirit. Employees’ votes are benchmarked against one or more of our company values – collaboration, restless minds, integrity, and purpose. It’s all to play for each month for the desired title.  

To celebrate their achievement, we sit down with each MVP and ask them to ‘Spill the Tea’ to really delve deep into what makes them tick, what they love about their job, and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. 

This month’s MVP is a very worthy winner, Warren Zanin, Head of Analytics. 

1. What is your favourite part about working with TIPi?

My favourite part of working at TIPi is the nature of the business as an independent agency, which means that there remains a lot of access to novel challenges and the ability to get involved in many different workstreams. Knowing everyone in the business, as a result of our size, is a real benefit too and there are really great people working here. I’m regularly surprised and always learn something new from conversations with colleagues, which makes me very happy.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment this month?

Winning first prize in the humility contest. JK. Someone else thought to vote me MVP, you’d need to ask them!

3. If you had to take three people with you to a desert island where you will spend the rest of your life, who would they be and why? 

I have so many questions about the question so I’m going to take some liberties with the context and conditions. Let’s be real, lying around on the beach with three people for the rest of your life, even if it is on a beautiful island, sounds awfully dull.


My first choice would be Jesus (Christ) who gives everything about life meaning. I’d have the opportunity to learn first-hand the wisdom of God in the flesh and be better every day as a result – Good for the island as a whole, right. I expect I’d also learn some great practical skills, (I’m assuming access to an awesome workshop, loaded with great tools) we’d work hard, and I’d laugh a lot with Him there too. Plus, it means, with Him there, we have a better chance of not re-creating scenes from The Lord of the Flies. Realistically though, He’d probably build a boat and row away to places where there are more people, to change the world (again).


My next choice would be my wife Andrea. She’s Maverick and I’m Goose, as much as I like to think it’s the other way around. She’s my teammate, I have so many weaknesses she makes up for in good measure, which I value deeply.  There’s never a dull moment, she’s always upbeat and we always have great conversation even when we (regularly) disagree. Plus, I love cooking – I assume we’ll eat on this island, having access to great produce, despite its desertness, and a kickass kitchen. The best bit is making something the guests love and she’s my number 1 guest.

Hopefully, our five kids can take care of themselves after the helicopter arrives to take us away – if we’re rowing there you can count me out… Although, I’d rather be anywhere with them than on a beautiful island wishing I could share it with them – and worrying if number 1 is bullying number 3.


My last choice is a tough call between Travis Pastrana and Bear Grylls, who would both be incredible adventure companions and you know we’d always be having loads of fun, looking fear in the face every day. We’ll need lots of assumptions here; access to things like motorbikes, airplanes, fast cars, giant trampolines, foam pits, survival gear, and a great hospital, too. We could do all those crazy things I’ve only ever seen on YouTube and thought “that looks fun” (more like terrifying). If forced to choose, it would probably be Travis (sorry Bear) knowing that we would be doing more “trying to die” than “trying to survive” – the man is crazy!

Some very honest words from Warren there, and some very interesting answers, particularly his real thought into who he would take with him to a desert island, and the toss-up between Travis Pastrana and Bear Grylls.


Thank you Warren for everything you do for TIPi Group – it does not go unnoticed. See below some of the incredible comments made by some of Warren’s fellow employees made when voting:

Shout on to Warren for always being patient, considerate, and conscious of others’ time and responsibilities while pushing them to be the best versions of themselves.


Warren has a fantastic attitude to work and has been arranging great training sessions for the Heads of Departments this month. He has also been supporting so many teams in the background which often gets overlooked (but not anymore!).



If you are interested in working for TIPi Group, check out our open vacancies here