The 12 Shoppers of Christmas
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The 12 Shoppers of Christmas

Jamie Ross-Skinner • 12/12/2019

Christmas is right around the corner and most of the UK population is busy drinking mulled wine, lingering under mistletoe, donning their best (or worse) Christmas jumpers, and, most importantly for us marketers, doing their Christmas shopping.

The TIPi Group Insights elves wanted to explore how different groups behaved over the festive period, looking particularly at their shopping habits. So, using YouGov data, we created a dozen profiles and identified their distinctive traits.

Read through our 12 Shoppers of Christmas and see if you can work out which shopper behaves most like you, or most like your ideal customer…

Find out:

  • When they do their Christmas shopping
  • How they research and purchase
  • What they are likely to buy
  • What Christmas activities they are most likely to partake in


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