The developing landscape of Pinterest
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The developing landscape of Pinterest

Rebecca Bampton • 03/08/2020

Pinterest’s visual discovery tool has solidified itself as one of the go-to platforms for finding recipes, fashion inspiration, home styling and more. With billions of Pins on Pinterest, users can find ideas and inspiration for a variety of personal interests.

As of 2020 Pinterest active users have been increasing worldwide since lockdown measures were put into place across the globe. With more people working from home in the UK, households are looking into new hobbies and interests. Just viewing Google trends for the UK there has been increases in search interest for many hobbies such as video games, baking, gardening.

As people are seeking inspiration for new projects during lockdown, Pinterest’s global chief marketing officer says it is experiencing record levels of engagement. At the end of Q1 2020 Statista has reported the number of global active users has increased by 32 million QoQ, the largest increase Pinterest has seen in active users:


With demand increasing for newfound hobbies during COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe, Pinterest has managed to sweep up millions of new users as a go to platform for discovering new interests and gaining different inspirations. As of June 2020, Pinterest have recently reported there were 400 million active users with the following audiences driving growth:

  • Gen Z with topic trends in future growth, beauty inspiration and wardrobe ideas
  • Men with topics trends in personal betterment, home upgrade ideas and creative inspiration
  • Millennials with topic trends in life skills, family friendly ideas and tips for adjusting to the new normal

This has caused Pinterest to see record levels of engagement and discovery since mid-March on their social platform. The Drum has reported that global engagement on Pinterest has hit a record peak in 2020 with 60% increase in searches YoY, 40% increase in saved pins YoY and 60% increase in boards created. The UK have also seen an increase in pinners with a 55% increase in searches YoY and 52% increase in boards created. This has led to Pinterest overtaking Twitter’s monthly active users and is closing the gap between them and Snapchat.

However, the main topic for Pinterest currently is whether this brand can maintain the momentum they have seen over lockdown and keep their current user activity post-pandemic. As people are still adapting to the world’s new normal, the ease of lockdown has begun in the UK with more social activities now open such as the pubs, gyms and restaurants.

As Pinterest activity has been growing in 2020, new pinners have joined from younger audiences. However, with Pinterest already saying that ‘millennials are using Pinterest to make the most of their time at home’, it is likely that the level of engagement will fall post-pandemic as users will have less time to browse this social platform. We reckon that quarterly active users will continue to grow as Pinterest has been able to increase the number of active users each quarter in the past year. New pinners using Pinterest as a life planner will likely remain on social platform but have less time to discover new ideas/inspirations for their interests in a post-pandemic world.