TIPi Group introduce their disciplines ahead of opening their doors to the TIPi Academy intake
TIPi Academy

TIPi Group introduce their disciplines ahead of opening their doors to the TIPi Academy intake

ROAST • 23/07/2018

This summer, TIPi Academy will open its doors for the very first time to welcome six fresh faced graduates on an intensive two-week course on all things digital. In preparation, we thought we’d ask a few of our staff, across various departments, to give a basic introduction to a couple of the subjects we’ll be covering out of the 20 modules offered.


Website Development


First up, we spoke to Fran, Project Manager at Kitty (TIPi Group’s Creative Agency), about Web Development. Fran explains, ‘Web Development is the overarching term which covers the main areas involved within websites, whether its building a site, creating and designing the look of a site, mapping out the user journey of a site or maintaining the behind the scenes of a site.’

She continues, ‘In a digital age, websites are brands shop windows, so it’s important they represent the clients in exactly the way they want it to.’ The three qualities Fran says you should try at get under your belt to be good at this role are being organised, being a multi-tasker and a team player.



Known for his innovative work in the department of PPC, the second of the ROAST team members to be questioned was Phil, PPC’s Senior Account Executive. Phil describes the PPC environment as, ‘incredibly fast-paced.’ Phil continues, ‘With results and new learnings becoming available within hours, your strategy is constantly evolving, and it is great to see hard work pay off when a clients’ ROAS(π) improves.’

The three qualities Phil thinks are important if you think you’d like to try out a career in PPC are communication, attention to detail and data analysis.


Client Services

We next stopped Erika, the latest addition to the TIPi Group Account Director team. ‘An Account Director is the person responsible for client communication and overseeing accounts within the agency. We ensure that campaigns are on time, within budget and achieve the strategic brand objectives,’ Erika explains. This requires building a really ‘close and genuine relationship’ with the client, which is what Erika loves most about her job.

As a role that requires a certain level of experience, Erika pin points Project Management, integrated strategy and communication skills as the areas you need to nail if being an Account Director is your dream job. ‘It’s very important for an AD to have a strategic view of the overall project as we are responsible to ensure campaigns are meeting and exceeding the KPIs. As the Account Director is one of the only roles that has visibility of what is happening in all the departments, it is key for us to make sure there is an integrated strategy in place and give a holistic view of the overall project for the other departments.’



Marina, Kitty’s Graphic Designer, talks about the focus of her department on building brand designs (logo, colour scheme, etc.) and other digital assets/products that align with a client’s strategy. Marina loves being a designer as it gives her ‘the opportunity to work with a range of brands with different styles and learn from industries I wouldn’t know much about if it weren’t for my job.’

Marina points out that to be a good designer you need to have excellent attention to detail, work hard and with patience and always be looking for ways to improve and to learn new skills.



Next stop was SEO Account Manager at ROAST, Paige. She explains that her discipline focuses solely on ‘Organic’ traffic AKA unpaid traffic to your site from search engines. She goes on, ‘using a search engine is usually the first step in any customer journey, so if a Brand can capture your attention there at the start (and for free!) then you’re more likely to convert with them over a competitor.’

Paige highlights that in this role ‘being excited rather than frustrated by the next big technological change is what will either make or break you as an SEO professional. If you are super organised, a team player and hungry then you’d be the perfect fit for this role.’


Insights and Strategy

We had a word with Mike, TIPi Group’s Chief Growth Officer, about why insights and a core strategy are so important in our industry. Mike clarifies, ‘Insights is the art of finding truth in research and telling stories that inspire creativity whilst strategy is focused creative problem solving; a process where we lay a path for how to get from here to there. Good strategy creates a simple, clear and inspirational idea that lights the path for people to follow.’

Mike believes anyone who has a curious mind and a diversity of interests, analytical skills and enjoys the art of creative storytelling would be a great fit for a role in this department.



And finally, we chatted to Ryan, Head of Content at ROAST. ‘We believe content is an investment in brand equity – simply put, the value someone sees in a brand. We create content which grows brands and in turn, grows their businesses. Highly impactful, strategically lead, creatively delivered and very measurable.’

Ryan said content teams are always looking for self-starters, who are eager to learn and understand the importance of collaboration.

If you’d like more information on how to apply for the Academy head over to our careers page, but hurry there’s not long left to apply! Entries close on 1st August!