TIPi Group moves to Berners Street!
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TIPi Group moves to Berners Street!

ROAST • 12/06/2019

After spending two years in Covent Garden, TIPi Group will be moving just down the road to Berners Street, just off Oxford Street. Whilst many of us are sad to be leaving Covent Garden, this marks a new chapter for TIPi Group as we move to our largest office space yet.


What three things will we miss the most about Covent Garden?

Living above the Oasis Gym and central London’s only heated outdoor pool has provided endless entertainment – from using its sunny roof to bask in the sun on our lunch breaks, to our disbelief at how many people still swim in an outdoor pool in the snow.


The 10 Cases, forever our favourite hangout since some of us worked in the area back in the STEAK days, it’s the perfect suntrap for a glass of wine at Friday lunch.



Philomena’s – we’ve singlehandedly propped up the business at this watering hole over the past few years, rain or shine, you’ll always find a Teep down there draining a pint.



What three things are we most looking forward to?

The biggest crowd pleaser for the new office has got to be our rooftop garden. It is the first time TIPi Group has had an outside space and we’re hugely looking forward to inviting clients, partners and friends alike to come and have a catch up with us in this new sunny spot.



Our new home… drum roll… has a Nando’s directly below. Not only does this mean we have easy access to chicken all day, every day, but we can access the restaurant without even leaving the building. On those windy and wet days, chicken for all!



We’re going to be near to the Victoria, Central and Northern Line – hopefully this means easier commutes for everyone! Both the Victoria and Central Line made the top 5 in BuzzFeed ‘s ‘The Definitive Ranking of London Tube Lines’. A happy commuter helps build a happy community.


We’re looking forward to showing you around when you next come to visit us. Get in touch to organise your catch up with TIPi Group now.