We’ve Moved – ROAST relocate to Berkshire House
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We’ve Moved – ROAST relocate to Berkshire House

ROAST • 11/12/2017

From Oxford Circus, to Angel, to Paddington, to Covent Garden. This December we’ve moved to take up residency in Berkshire House at 168 – 173 High Holborn, WC1V 7AA, and we’re very excited about it!

As a growing independent digital agency with nearly three years under our belt, some people have found the frequency of our moves somewhat confusing. I know personally that when I speak to some of my friends who work in large corporate banks for instance, they are puzzled by the idea that the whole company is moving, and it is not just me moving branches of the business. Or as another example, since their companies take up whole buildings, they struggle to understand why a business and its employees might welcome being uprooted and moved about so frequently. Well, as a young and fast paced independent, I believe our office moves, especially our latest shift to Covent Garden, creates a sense of positivity for our employees and our clients.

On a personal level, changing the setting of my work environment has been beneficial to the start of my career. Joining ROAST in November 2015 as a graduate, fresh faced from Bristol University and originally from Winchester, I had very little knowledge of London and understandably moving to this large city felt quite overwhelming. But two years down the line, and three office moves later I can safely say I have had more exposure to London than many of my peers. I’ve fought the crowds of central London’s shopping district, before spending my summer exploring the venues of Angel’s thriving Upper Street and managed to get a seat on my commute to Paddington every day in 2017. Each office has had its positives, and each has had its negatives, but they have all done a great job of introducing me to the city.

As the 18th employee of a now 50-person strong digital performance independent it has been thrilling to watch the company grow at such a rate. If you want a solidified structure and traditional techniques, then perhaps a growing independent isn’t right for you. But all of us knew when we signed up to ROAST that a fast-paced environment was part of the parcel of joining a rapidly expanding independent digital agency. Everything is constantly changing and moulding, and moving offices is just an extension of the buzzy atmosphere we live in day to day. Shifting spaces means growth, change means development and the unknown is exciting.

As the next stop on our journey, I believe Covent Garden will be the most exciting base we have had to date. There is something about moving back to central London, joining the likes of Google and other media partners, that makes you feel like you’ve made it. For us, for our partners and for our clients, we mark this move as a testimony to our growth and our dedication to succeed.