100 hours of work reduced to 11
The client
MyVoucherCodes required an automated system which successfully met the demands of each campaign/ad.


Our client sought to establish a system which could efficiently balance a high turnover and volume of campaigns/offers whilst serve in a highly competitive marketplace. The challenge at hand required an automated system which successfully met the demands of each campaign/ad.



Following the utilisation of Google ads scripting capabilities, we have successfully been able to automate the upload process. This, in turn, has allowed us to maximise the exposure of offer codes, whilst simultaneously increasing the speed and volume of each individual ad upload. This reduction in upload time has allowed for an extended period allocated toward account health and optimisations.

Phase one of the update was to find a way to quickly, yet reliably, implement/update campaign offers within ad copy. As a result, a “one rule fits all” template  was implemented to serve as a foundation for all future offers and vouchers.

The second phase encompassed an automated countdown timer (ACT). Serving as an instrument of enticement, the ACT was designed to improve the CTR for each campaign. After measuring its efficiency, the ACT is set to start 4 days prior to the scheduled end date of each individual voucher campaign. The set timer is dependent on the length of the campaign and can be adjusted accordingly to suit.

Due to the nature of the automated project, a variation of generic offer ads were essential in improving the CTR of each campaign. This was achieved by the creation of ‘feed offer ads.’ Combined with the ACT and Dynamic ads, the feed offer ads assist Google in optimizing towards stronger performing offer variants. Together, each label serves to boost the overall performance of each campaign.



100 hours of work reduced to 11 (based on how long it would take to manually upload the same volume of campaigns as the script does) and thus has given room for the team to focus on other tasks, such as optimising the account. Secondarily, CTR increased by 18% as consequence of the implementation of the feed offer ad