Unlocking new audience segments to inform a strategic pivot for a medical supplies brand
The client
Mediworld is a family-run London-based supplier of medical products established in 1985. Their clients include the NHS, Unicef and Bank of America.


Historically, Mediworld’s focus had been on selling to businesses, but the COVID pandemic brought a huge number of new consumers to their site as direct buyers. As the demand for COVID-related products began to subside, Mediworld wanted to understand who their B2C audiences would be going forward, and how they could best reach them.

ROAST were appointed to identify, profile and prioritise these audiences in order to fuel Mediworld’s ambitious plans for growth.



A robust research plan was developed in response to the brief and was actioned across three key stages:

Stage 1: Business and Market Analysis

To start, we conducted interviews with stakeholders at Mediworld to understand the current business structure. We also ingested secondary research around the industry and its consumers, and analysed search trends on Google to understand market-wide trends. 

Stage 2: Product and Customer Analysis

We used data from Google Analytics to analyse Mediworld’s online customers and their purchase behaviour. By looking at the types of products sold at large volumes and revenue by product, we were able to map different audience categories by purpose of purchase. Simultaneously, we also distributed a bespoke survey to people on Mediworld’s mailing list to understand the motivations, frequency, and needs behind the purchases. At this stage, we found that medical needs can be further distinguished by both what and how consumers buy.

Stage 3: Profiling and Strategic Insights

After synthesising findings from the two stages above, we identified seven audience segments which were primarily defined by the problems they were aiming to solve, or the goals they were aiming to achieve, with their purchase.

Key segments were then prioritised, and five were taken through to the profiling stage at which we built out robust personas using GWI. These personas included demographic, attitudinal and behavioural data, with a focus on digital media consumption, brand attitudes and ecommerce behaviours.

Once we understood our audience segments, their wants, needs and behaviours, we were able to provide actionable strategic insights into how Mediworld could better reach and service these new groups. 



The Insights project delivered by ROAST has given Mediworld a clear understanding of who their B2C audiences are and what they want. This insight is being used to enable confident planning and decision-making across key touchpoints along Mediworld’s pivoting journey, from broad business strategy, to website redevelopment, to paid media strategy, to new product sourcing. 

ROAST’s Insights team were a pleasure to work with. They were quick to understand our business and were excellent at communicating the rationale behind the research method. They provided us with clearly defined new customer segments which will inform the development of our evolved offering.
Hamid Khan Commercial Director, Mediworld

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