A Lil' tell all for all future Paid Media Junior ROASTies

A Lil' tell all for all future Paid Media Junior ROASTies

Madeleine Beynon • 17/10/2019

Before starting here at ROAST team my understanding of the digital world was limited. Fresh out of Uni, I had had little experience with anything outside the realms of essay writing and exams. Getting to grips with all things Paid Media, at first, seemed to be a daunting challenge, but I quickly found I became increasingly more comfortable within the role. This is down to the one-on-one training I’ve received from my manager, as well as the exposure I’ve had working on a variety of different clients.

In general, I’ve felt really supported by my peers; everyone wills you on and are at the ready to give a helping hand at all times. Whilst I now know that there was nothing to worry about, starting an entirely new role can be pretty unnerving.

So, in the spirit of putting nerves to rest, I have compiled a list of fellow Paid Media Exec experiences for all future newcomers starting their first ever role…


What were your first impressions of the role?

Bebe: ‘I was given an insight into the world of Paid Media after taking part in the TIPi Academy, although when I first started as an exec, I was very overwhelmed by how much Excel there was to learn! Now I see the role is all about problem solving, often requiring us to think outside of the box to drive the best results for our clients.’

Hamid: ‘I wasn’t aware of how I would attain the skills needed to be a Paid Media Account Exec – But I quickly discovered that the skills needed are acquired through working on the job on your clients. There is a training programme in place which gives you core basics to your role; however, your skillset is enhanced when actioning deliverables for your client.

George: ‘I didn’t really have any impressions or expectations going into it, I just soaked everything up and learned as much as possible.’


What challenges did you have to overcome?

Bebe: ‘Initially I did not know my way around Excel at all! I quickly got to grips with the formulas though.’

Maddie: ‘From the lingo (e.g. acronyms) and banter (e.g. SQR threads) down to the array of different types of software and spreadsheets, everything, at first, seemed totally alien.’


What are the most enjoyable aspects of the role?

George: ‘For me, I love seeing people get better at the job – there is always something you can learn from someone else, even if they are new. The variety of platforms we get to use requires different thinking for each one, which can be satisfying when it goes well. Also, there’s great culture, everyone is always offering to help even if they don’t know the client, it is actually a tad competitive, but in a fun way!’

Maddie: ‘I really enjoy being a part of a team – it’s nice to be working towards a common goal. We recently took part in TIPi Talkback. The scheme gave us the opportunity to present an innovative idea that we had about the business. Each team present a different idea – one of which, is implemented. We are currently awaiting the results (fingers crossed our team wins).’

Hamid: ‘The client exposure I receive. I have four clients which are spread over four different industries. Learning about a new industry is not only interesting but it helps with your development.’

Bebe: Most of my time is spent working on Paid Social campaigns, which I prefer to Paid Search as you can be more creative with your suggestions to improve performance. I also really enjoy the client facing element of the role, particularly the opportunity to present in meetings or pitches.


Have you got any funny or embarrassing stories about your time at ROAST far?

Bebe: ‘I just remember always getting way too excited at company socials.’

George: ‘The SQR feed can be jokes (a list of funny google/bing searches)’

Hamid: ‘Going for a starter lunch with a few members of the PPC team and ordered a spicy ramen after saying I was incredibly tolerant of spice. Safe to say I wasn’t as good at handling spice as I thought and may have shed a few tears ‘

Hamid: ‘I was given tickets to attend the Ad Week Wrap Party where Craig David was performing. To say I was happy was an understatement and no one at the office has let me forget about it.’

Proof that Hamid has never lived this down…

Bebe: ‘Hamid was beside himself with excitement, as he turned out to be Craig David’s biggest super fan. So much a fan in fact, when he found out about the ticket, he excitedly got out his phone and showed us his background, featuring an incredibly zoomed in picture of Craig David’s face.’

Maddie: ‘I think there may be a running theme here. Like Hamid, I boasted about my ability to handle spice. I was soon put to shame after having a spoon of Insanity Hot sauce. Never again.’


Whilst the above list is just a little glimpse into what the life of a Paid Media Exec at ROAST looks like – we hope that we have helped answer a few questions/concerns that you may have.

Having just completed three months here at ROAST, I can honestly say that I’ve had the best experience. I feel lucky to be a part of such a dynamic and innovative company.  If I have any last advice for any future Paid Media newbies, it would be to sit back, relax and soak everything up!


Interested in our industry but not sure what you want to do exactly? Apply for our free two week intensive TIPi Academy course – we’ll train you up and help you to find your slot in the industry, and if you’re lucky, find you that dream role within our company.