Back-to-School with ROAST’s SEO team

Back-to-School with ROAST’s SEO team

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 11/03/2024

We recently hosted our latest Back-to-School webinar this time providing an SEO industry update.

In a rapid-fire session, Isabelle and Saad from the ROAST SEO team brought us up to speed with the latest and greatest in the SEO landscape. Focusing on Google’s 2023 post-September updates, the duo dissected the ‘why’ behind each change and its implications for SEO and brands.


In just 30 minutes, attendees gained actionable insights on optimising and recovering from these updates. Isabelle and Saad’s practical approach didn’t just highlight challenges but provided a roadmap for brands to thrive in the dynamic online world. The dynamic SEO duo covered:

  • What do we mean by Google Updates?
  • What’s the point of Google Updates?
  • Updates:
    • Core Updates
    • Helpful Content Update
    • Spam Update
    • Reviews Update
    • Hidden Gems
    • Unconfirmed Search Ranking
    • Unconfirmed Local Ranking
  •  SEO Success in 2024
  • Q&A

The webinar recording is now available to watch here for those who missed the live session, making this resource a must-watch for anyone navigating the fast-paced SEO landscape.

We have also hosted other webinars, the recordings of which are available to watch, including a Back-to-School Paid Media update, our various Shaping the Future talks in which we explored how AI can be used as a tool for the future of digital marketing, and a variety of talks we have provided at various industry events, including the most recent talk by Harry Sumner, Head of Organic Performance, ‘How to Create Content that Converts’.

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