Friday ROASTing – Bebe Ross
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing – Bebe Ross

ROAST • 23/11/2018

Bebe Ross, PPC Account Executive


Is Bebe your real name? Is there a meaning or a story behind it?

It actually is my real name and there is definitely a story behind it. Just before I was born, my dad had started working on the ultimate 90s morning TV show the Big Breakfast. When my mum went into labour, he was meant to come to the hospital after the show finished, except I was born a lot faster than expected, while my dad was still in the studio. As the show was still on air, my birth was actually announced live to the whole country. A viewer called in and suggested they name me Bebe after the Big Breakfast, I suspect they were joking, but regardless it’s my name.


You’re part of the first generation of TIPi Academy graduates, what were you expecting when you walked through the doors on your first day?

The Academy was great at preparing me for life at TIPi. For one, I understood what my role as a PPC Account Exec would involve, but I was also confident that I would be surrounded by an inspiring and supportive team who would provide me with excellent training and work with some great clients.


Rumour has it you speak Chinese (Mandarin? Cantonese?), what’s the best thing you can say?

I can speak Mandarin after studying it at uni and living in China for a couple of years. I think the best thing would probably be all the cheesy Chinese love ballads I can now sing (very badly) after many evenings in karaoke bars.


Which of your skills or attributes have proved most useful as you’ve been getting started in PPC?

I would say learning Chinese gave me many transferable skills for PPC, mainly how to approach challenges in new ways, how to be adaptable, and the importance of asking lots of questions.


You can choose one person (dead or alive) and one activity to do with them, for example Go-karting with Gandhi, or afternoon tea with William the Conqueror. Who would you choose and what would you do?

I would love to eat scones with Beyonce.


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