Friday ROASTing – Lily Barnard-Munday
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing – Lily Barnard-Munday

ROAST • 08/06/2018

Lily Barnard-Munday, Office Manager



ROAST has an award-winning culture – what do you think sets us apart from other agencies? 

The staff! Everyone is amazing in their own way. I don’t think you would get the same team culture anywhere else. We are one big family, making our day-to-day life and the numerous hours we spend in the office actually enjoyable!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love how it changes from day to day – I’ve never repeated the same day twice. Organising House events is also a big love of mine – I know the team love them, even if they try to claim they don’t enjoy organised fun! I just generally love being Mother Hen.

Over the past year, what has been your greatest achievement outside of work?

At the moment, is has to be moving to London! It’s the greatest city in the world and I wouldn’t have made the friends I have now if I hadn’t made the move. But after this weekend… I think it’ll have to be completing the 26-mile Macmillan Charity Walk I’m doing on Saturday. I’ve raised over £500 so far and I’m excited, nervous and also extremely proud of myself… (I haven’t even done it yet LOL).

When you were growing up what was your career aspiration?

I wanted to be a makeup artist. Everyone thinks this is so random, but I really wanted to do prosthetic make up for TV, Film and Theatre. I worked on the BBC programme Dead Ringers when I was younger and found it so interesting and creative.

You’re the first person that a candidate will meet when they come in for an interview – what kind of qualities do you look for in a person which would make them a good Roastie?  

I just get them speaking.  Being nervous is natural but being able to hold a conversation is key, regardless of what job within the company you are going for. I think this is a huge indicator as to whether they’ll be a good cultural fit for the company.