Friday ROASTing – Elinor Abraham
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing – Elinor Abraham

ROAST • 31/05/2019

Elinor Abraham, Senior PR & Content Executive


With TIPi Group moving offices, what will you miss the most about working in Covent Garden?

I would say Zara being so close by… but I’ve definitely already scouted out the nearest Zara to the new office and it’s even closer so that’s a win. But no, Covent Garden is such a little oasis in London, it’s just a really lovely place to work and go for a lunchtime walk and never seems as busy as other places in London.


What sport would you say you are best at?

I would say netball but judging by TIPi’s goal count last season I’m not so sure… So gymnastics, even though I gave it up a few years ago now.


What advice would you give to someone looking to get into Content Marketing?

It’s important to come into everything with an open mind – it’s really easy to have preconceived opinions about different brands or industries which will influence how you begin to formulate campaign ideas. But starting every new brief with a clean slate gives a good base for coming up with ideas that will really resonate with a wide audience.


If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Tomatoes, hands down.


What’s the most exciting campaign you’ve got on the horizon?

We’re working on a launch campaign for a new skincare brand which is really exciting – they’ve given us a lot of scope to do something really meaningful and impactful so we’ve been able to get really creative with it which is fun.