Friday ROASTing – Rebecca Bampton
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing – Rebecca Bampton

Rebecca Bampton • 12/04/2019

Rebecca Bampton, PPC Account Manager



What is your favourite season?

Winter, I much prefer the weather to be cold than warm.


What are the most exciting changes to PPC that are currently on the horizon?

LinkedIn profile targeting on Bing. This is the only platform outside of LinkedIn that we can target LinkedIn profile information. This enables advertisers to use accurate B2B targeting without paying for expensive clicks. This is in Beta currently, but we have managed to get it for a client so I’m excited to test out.


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Fried both sides, you must be careful not to split the yolk.


If you didn’t work in PPC, which other department could you see yourself in?

SEO…they always seem to leave on time.


What’s been the best House Competition at ROAST to date?

Bowling, just because Gravy completed dominated and my score was above 100!