Friday ROASTing – Suzy Heath
Friday ROASTing

Friday ROASTing – Suzy Heath

ROAST • 20/09/2019

Suzy Heath – SEO Account Executive



What is your favourite part of agency life?


The relaxed atmosphere! People are working hard, taking opportunities… but not stressing about it. I’d say there is a positive mood culture – stress doesn’t go hand in hand with doing a great job and being overworked isn’t glamorous. It may be the most over-used cliché but, happy employees do work better. I think ROAST does sustainable hustle very well.


What are you excited about in these coming months in your role at ROAST?


I’m an SEO Account executive at ROAST, this means I’m one of three execs in the department who provide support to senior execs and account managers, who in turn train us up. We service clients, provide reports and recommendations on how to improve the organic performance of their websites.

Moving forward, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned in the last six months in a more creative way. I was new to the industry when I started at ROAST, so until now my main occupation has been getting a grip on the fundamentals. Putting those skills into action more intuitively would be very satisfying.


What makes a website perform well organically?


There are many basic aspects of SEO to get right, but you can Google those. More crucially, you need experienced SEOs who know how to pick a route through a big website to get results, trusting them to pull it off too.


What has been your favourite ROAST event so far, company or house?


It’s always the House welcome lunches! TIPi Group has five roast dinner side-dish themed Houses into which you’re assigned upon joining. I’m in Cauliflower Cheese. It’s not even a roast dinner element so I’m kind of mad about that. Anyway, a welcome lunch is organised for each new starter. It’s a great chance to sit down with people outside of your team, department, or agency. The summer party or sports day might be more raucous, but I do enjoy getting to know Cauliflower Cheese upon a sunny Fitzrovia lunchtime.


You recently dyed your hair, what colour is next for Suzy’s mop?


(Laughs) I wish mop wasn’t so appropriate. I’m not sure, it needs a lot of work so why not go the whole blonde hog.