Search Leeds: Key Takeaways Part 1

Search Leeds: Key Takeaways Part 1

ROAST • 03/07/2019

Paige Hobart shares her key takeaways from Search Leeds in Part 1 of our two part series on what we learnt at “The North’s Largest Digital Conference”:
1) Sam Marsden, Deepcrawl – Overcoming tech SEO challenges for enterprise sites

  • Breaks his tech audit into 12 (undisclosed) sections
  • Tech audits must have: severity, impact, & effort scoring plus a total/average score
  • Deepcrawl has a data studio connector

2) Alexandre Sigoigne, Myposeo – Build SEO content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis (Older deck) 

  • Myposeo is a tool that analyses the SERP landscape
  • When looking at video snippets appearing – what date were they published? Could we do some video optimisation to appear instead?
  • Use SERP features to automatically apply search intent to queries

3) Nichola Stott, Erudite – The state of PWAs (Older deck)

  • PWA’s are better than apps – “90% smaller than apps”
  • Consumption of apps is dying, uninstalls are a huge issue
  • Your site must be on https to have a secure PWA (Starbucks got hacked via their HTTP PWA)
    • Must be http2 to be any good
  • You can still have push notifications with a PWA 
  • Full ecommerce PWAs are possible
  • Audit your PWA with JS on & off
  • You can submit PWAs to the app store
  • Very, very difficult to retrofit a PWA to an existing website, better to suggest during new site builds
  • Can be done in wordpress really easily
  • Can combine PWA & AMP on the same site 
  • Javascript causes many issues – difficulties with client side rendering

4) Emily Potter, Distilled – Featured snippets, the achievable SERP feature

  • Distilled use STAT
  • Use “however” to optimise for featured snippets trying to offer two opinions (sometimes will use an ellipses when it wants to do this).
  • Google is cracking down on confirmation bias (see “are reptiles good pets?” – Yes, “are reptiles bad pets?” – Yes)

5) Rory Truesdale, Conductor & WeWork – Intent optimisation: Why it matters & how it can improve your SEO results

  • Query intent based on what title tags, meta descriptions & SERP features are displaying e.g.
    • “coworking space London” = research
      • “12 best”, “Top 93”, “Coolest”,
      • Map pack
      • PAA
    • “office space London” = transactional
      • “To Rent”, “To Let”
      • Map pack
      • Twitter
      • PAA
    • Use a Custom Search Engine ( + advanced search operators
    • Scrape the results & extract title, meta, url – instead of this, just take the top 10 urls for a keyword from STAT and run them through SF to get that output
    • Search formula for intent words “best”, “buy”, “how”, etc. 
    • Distilled going to test removing all meta data and analyse what Google pulls through instead
    • Ngram analyser

6) Samantha Noble, Biddable Moments – Put your data where your mouth is

  • Use supermetrics GDS connector for awesomeness, including GMB data
  • Have your commentary’s in a submission format so you can see commentary’s from previous weeks/months.
  • Iframe your live pages into the GDS where appropriate
  • @helpfulLee creates a load of templates

7) Sarah Barker, Stickyeyes – One Search, combining your organic and paid strategies for greater effect

8) Britney Muller, Moz – Machine learning for SEOs

  • Frase Content Research
  • Lumen5 video automation (creates a video from the text you paste in)
  • Amazon transcribe
  • Automated image optimisation
  • Codelabs (Google Developers)
  • Colaboratory
  • Monkey Learn (Google Sheets add on)
  • Algorithmia
  • Google NLP API
  • com
  • Cloud Speech to Text (live speech to text)
  • Imagenet
  • co.teachablemachine
  • Kaggle

9) Laura Hogan, JellyBean – There’s nothing wrong with being a vulture – using your competitors for SEO wins

  • 2 types of competitors;
    • The ones you rank against
    • The ones who you share an audience with (can be completely different products)
  • Easy way to gain links with a 50% success rate (usually 30%) is to find competitor dead links and steal them
    • If people are doing this – one more reason to be on top of link reclamation!
  • Build your media lists based on audience competitors backlinks
  • Buzzstream is a cool chrome plugin that pulls out journo info

10) Matt Holmes, Thomas Cook Airlines – How to run a great request for RFP process

  • “The Van Test” – Innocent Smoothies
    • Aka ‘could you spend 3hrs in a van with these people/this person?’
  • Tips for agencies responding to RFPs
    • Make everything about the client and their specific problems. Stop talking about yourself the whole time. I don’t care about the things you’ve done that aren’t relevant to us.
    • Know your elevator pitch; know what your agency story is – no it’s not that tool you’ve got, everybody has one.
    • I don’t want to meet the pitch team, I want to meet the people who will be working on the account.
    • The Pitch Doctor is amazing

11) Bonus deck we didn’t actually see from lord of the SERPs: How to make fake news for links