Seven days going live with Paige Hobart and the SERP Landscape

Seven days going live with Paige Hobart and the SERP Landscape

With so many fantastic events going on in the virtual world, our own The Now & The Next included, it’s an exciting time to get involved and also learn something new. Over the past seven days it has been SERPs which have been in high demand, with Paige Hobart, SEO Team Director at ROAST speaking at three events.

Going virtual with SMX London

SMX London is a fantastic event organised by Search Engine Land, luckily for us all, they decided to take the two-day event virtual for all those obsessed with SEO and SEM.

Paige was joined by Jason Barnard, Digital Marketing Consultant at Kalicube SAS for the session,  ‘The Ins and Outs of Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels’,  in which both SERP experts took us through their insights on navigating the SERPs.

Paige took us through the SERP Landscape, explaining what SERP Features are, how many there are and how we can measure them and use the data to empower any SEO strategy. She demonstrated the effect of the pandemic on SERPs, including the wide ranging impacts on industries, as well as popular searches emerging, such as the “Quarantini Cocktail”.


Bringing the SEO community together with Turn Digi

Next was Turn Digi. Livestreaming from Barcelona, Turn DIGI is an online marketing event promoting entrepreneurs, rising talent and gender equality. This event was organised by Jo Juliana Turnbull, who has brought together an impressive host of SEO experts across borders.

Again Paige, joined by Faisal Anderson and Luke Carthy, took the audience through the SERP features landscape. ROAST discovered 40 SERP Features, which are compiled in our SERP Features Glossary and with the help of Myposeo are tracked in the Live SERP Feature Report in which ROAST currently track 24 verticals across mobile and desktop.



All sessions are available via their YouTube, and Turn Digi will be returning by popular demand on the 2nd of July!

When GMB and Knowledge Panels Collide with Authoritas

To round off this fantastic seven days of live events, Paige joined Jason Barnard and Andrea Volpini on Tea-Time SEO with Authoritas. These sessions run daily at 4pm and bring together professionals from across the SEO industry to share Online Marketing Tips they can implement straight away!

Paige’s top tips:

  • It’s not just your GMB & Knowledge Panels
  • Be aware of YOUR knowledge graph data
  • There’s stuff you can impact and stuff you can’t
  • Don’t forget to think Mobile

Watch it here:


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