Spilling the Tea with our MVP: Milan Nayee
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Spilling the Tea with our MVP: Milan Nayee

kate sweet
Kate Sweet • 24/07/2023

1. Tell us an interesting fact about you! 

The most interesting fact about me is that I play Kabaddi for England!

What is Kabaddi? I hear you ask. It’s sport originating from South Asia, and I liken it to a combination of wrestling and tag. We play as two teams of 7, each team takes it in turns to sends a player to the other teams half. The player sent in tries to tag as many players as they can then return to their half, whilst chanting “Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi”. However, the other team want to avoid being touched, and prevent the player returning to their half by trying to tackle or pin the player down. You gain points by tackling a player, or the amount of people you tag.

I was drawn to Kabaddi when I tried it out at University for the first time and have played in many local and international tournaments since. Unfortunately I’m currently injured from the last tournament, as you can imagine it’s a very physical and injury prone sport, but I hope for a quick recovery to get back to playing kabaddi and also playing softball for TIPi Chiefs too! 

2. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

It’s got to be Chicken Penne Arrabbiata. Lots of carbs, lots of protein, what more could you want?

I ate the best pasta in my life around 10 years ago from Vapiano, and customised it to my liking, extra garlic, extra chilli, extra chicken *chefs kiss*. I’ve tried to re-create this masterpiece ever since but never got it quite right.

I’m open to more suggestions of where to get the best pasta. 

3. What is the best part of your working day? 

There’s not a distinct time of a day, but any day where I achieve that “Eurkea” moment is always the best part. From troubleshooting inaccuracies in GA , trying different approaches to find the cause, endless researching, till finally thinking or finding the solution. Or writing and debugging code and achieving that lightbulb moment of knowing what will make it run.

Having faith that this moment will be around the corner keeps me going.  

4. What is your idea of perfect company social? 

This is the million dollar question for the social committee, so I’ll do my best to help! Personally anything that involves sport and drinks is a winner for me. I would love an activity/event outside of the office, as we spend our day in the office / home, so it’s always nice to dissociate the social from work, whether that’s outdoors or at a separate venue. An activity that encourages teamwork to encourage collaboration and inclusivity.

One event that comes to mind that we had a couple years ago that I really enjoyed, albeit didn’t play very well, was shuffleboard at London shuffle club in Shoreditch. I’m sure we could find away to replicate this game, or something similar at regents park. 

Thank you Milan for everything you do for TIPi Group! Along with being voted ‘Best-Dressed in the Office’, these were some of the votes Milan received for this month’s MVP:

  • I’d like to nominate Milan for Collaboration please! I came to him with a question about GA and AdWords on behalf of a client, and he went above and beyond to answer it in a way that helped me define required next steps for the client in an area I’m not fluent in. We hadn’t met in person before at this point, and his openness to collaborate with me on something not yet defined fully was just very much appreciated.
  • Voting Milan for MVP : In 1 day he created a script to help us pull information from 240 accounts, saving us 3 days of work!

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