Unlocking the Potential of AccuRanker’s API with ROAST Labs’ Scripts

Unlocking the Potential of AccuRanker’s API with ROAST Labs’ Scripts

John Campbell • 14/05/2024

AccuRanker is a powerful and detailed rank-tracking platform which we use across our organic performance clients at ROAST. Many features make it one of the leading tracking tools in the SEO industry, one such tool is the Application Programming Interface (API).

The ROAST Labs team has something special for you: they have generously provided three open-source Python scripts to help you harness the AccuRanker API and derive valuable data and insights.

About AccuRanker’s API

Before diving into these tools, let us first understand the API that powers them. An API acts as a bridge, enabling different software systems to communicate. It provides a set of functions and protocols that allows one system to interact with another, ensuring data can flow freely and tasks can be automated.
With the AccuRanker API, you can seamlessly access data related to keyword rankings, historical performance, and more. This allows you to integrate the data into your existing workflows, derive deeper insights, and make data-driven decisions.
You can read more about the AccuRanker API on their website.

Benefits of Using the AccuRanker API with ROAST Labs’ Tools

  1. Data Automation: By accessing the data directly from the API, you eliminate manual data retrieval, saving valuable time and reducing the chances of errors. You can also then save data into cloud storage solutions for visualisation in BI tools such as Looker Studio.
  2. Insight Generation: The API provides comprehensive data that, when processed, offers actionable insights into your SEO efforts. This could be creating new calculations on the data or integrating with other services to augment the data with further insights.
  3. Custom Solutions: The flexibility of Python and the API lets you customize your data analysis workflows, helping you to tailor the process to your specific needs.

Introducing three free ROAST Labs’ Python Scripts

To jumpstart your journey with the AccuRanker API, the ROAST Labs team has created three scripts that help you explore different aspects of your SEO performance:

  • AccuRanker Ranking Page Changes (view the code here): This script helps you monitor ranking page changes over time, providing you with a clear picture of your website’s visibility shifts.
Accuranker ROAST
  • AccuRanker Tag Data Over Time (view the code here): Analyse how your tags perform historically, allowing you to identify trends and optimise your content strategy.
  • AccuRanker Ranking Page Status Checker (view the code here): Ensure that your ranking pages remain functional and accessible, a crucial aspect of SEO performance.

You can view AccuRanker the scripts can be found on our Git Hub account.

These are examples of simple version of scripts that the ROAST SEO team have access too. Our “pro” versions of the script often pull data automatically on a schedule, save data to Big Query or have extra features beyond these free versions.

These scripts also show a very simple way of interacting with the AccuRanker API, we’ve found the documentation to be good, the API to be fast considering the amount of data being retrieved and there being very little limited or restrictions on the usage (can’t be said for some other SEO tools out there).

Running Python Code with Google Colab

If you’re looking for a quick way to try out these scripts without setting up a local environment, consider using Google Colab, a free online platform for running Python code.

To get started, upload the ROAST Labs scripts into your Colab notebook. After configuring your API key from AccuRanker, you’ll be ready to extract and analyse your AccuRanker data efficiently.

By leveraging these ROAST Labs tools and the AccuRanker API, you can gain deeper insights, streamline your data processes, and ultimately enhance your SEO strategy.


Interested in learning more? Or have a script or automation process that you need to build? Talk to the ROAST labs team who can be hired for one-off script creation and ongoing technical support.