Women in Tech SEO – July Meet-Up

Women in Tech SEO – July Meet-Up

ROAST • 05/07/2019

Paige, Daphne and myself had the pleasure of joining the first London meetup of the group ‘Women in Tech SEO’. Not only were we able to network with some inspiring female SEO’s, there was a great presentation from Hannah Smith:

Hannah’s talk challenged everyone present to break down a common request people working in SEO encounter: “be more strategic”. By pivoting how you approach this task, and using appropriate frameworks, there are far more solutions available.
This first Women in Tech SEO Meetup was an inspiring start to what we believe will be a fundamental resource & community for women in the SEO industry. With values like; kindness, helpfulness & respect, this group provides a non-judgemental and supportive space to learn and grow.
Big thanks to the wonderful Areej for creating this community! We are already looking forward to the next event!

If you are a female in the SEO industry, please feel free to find out more from our Meetup page & social channels: