Innovative Ad Formats Drive 90% Reduction in Cost per Lead
The client
Mercedes-Benz has a network of dealerships around the UK was looking to achieve high volume of leads for a lower cost-per-acquisition than previously achieved through Search and Social campaigns.
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Challenge 1 – The client was sending traffic to multiple websites depending on user location in the UK. These websites were not well optimised for user experience, and in some cases lacked the tracking to understand campaign performance. For this reason, the traditional click-to-website campaigns were not an ideal solution.

Challenge 2 – The manufacturer had trialled capturing leads through a centralised website, and then qualifying leads before passing to relevant Dealerships. This process proved time consuming, meaning that many leads went cold before being processed locally.



The Market established a lead-generation campaign within Facebook which allowed leads to be captured from a semi-automated form from within the social network app. This meant that users were quickly and easily able to register their interest in the campaign, without travelling offsite with a clunky experience. The Dealerships were able to collate their own localised leads quickly, and subsequently convert into more sales for the business.

The campaign strategy allowed for each Dealership to have their own carefully geo-targeted campaigns and promote their own financial offers to suit business priorities. Users were therefore seeing ads relating to actual product offers available in their local area, rather than a broader brand message.



Accurate lead reporting direct from Facebook meant we had a much clearer picture on performance of campaigns overall, and at a local Dealership level.

Accumulatively the client achieved over 3,000 leads across an 8-month period from the Facebook campaign. While these volumes were higher than any previous social campaign, it also achieved a 90% lower cost-per-lead compared to Google Search activity.

Feedback from the Dealerships has been very positive since launching the lead-generation campaigns, and collectively they have been continuing to invest more budget into this social media strategy as it helps to meet their marketing and business goals.

leads driven over 8 months
reduction in cost-per-lead

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