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Kate Barton are a sustainable clothing brand
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When Kate Barton came to ROAST in March 2022 as a new business founded in 2020, they aimed to increase revenue volume and ROAS to meet performance targets. As a sustainable brand focusing on females aged 35-65, the messaging and targeting were imperative to ensure that the campaign achieved the desired results. 

When ROAST took over the Facebook account, we noticed that ‘Purchases’ were low, so, to give the system additional data to work with, we switched our conversion action from ‘Purchases’ to a more upper funnel conversion action ‘Add to Cart’. This led to an increase in overall conversions, which, in turn, contributed to the uplift in revenue of 130% from Q1 2022 to Q2 2022, with ROAS also increasing from £1.88 to £2.57. 

To further increase engagement, ROAST began testing additional ad types to encourage performance, such as Video and Dynamic ads. ROAST launched Video ads in September 2022, these have become the strongest-performing ad type in revenue and CTRs, averaging at 3.10% compared to the account average of 2.88%. 



Audience targeting was key to Kate Barton. As a sustainable brand focusing on females aged 35-65, with medium-high disposable income, messaging and targeting were imperative to ensure the brand reflected the audience ‘wants’ of; reliable, authentic, innovative, and smart. 

GWI’s UK insights supported the usage of Facebook as a central marketing channel for Kate Barton. 64% of Kate Barton’s core audience use the platform daily and spend an average of 1.1 hours per day on social media. 

ROAST had two main strategies to meet the objectives: 

  • The first focused on audiences on Facebook and revolved around 1st party data, utilising customer lists effectively which looked to increase revenue by maximising lookalike targeting. 
  • Secondly, ROAST tested remarketing activity to those who hadn’t converted but had shown high intent, such as initiating checkout, add to cart, and viewed content. 



The Kate Barton campaigns have exceeded all targets set by the client. Below are the results achieved: 

  • By Q1 Revenue YoY increased by 481% in 2023. 
  • By Q1 ROAS YoY increased by 152% in 2023. 
  • Q1 Spend YoY increased by 130% in 2023. 
  • Revenue from Lookalike activity has increased by 1113% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 at an above target ROAS of £5.04. 
  • YoY revenue from the remarketing audiences increased by 319% 

ROAST have gone above and beyond our expectation. The relationship is very collaborative with monthly performance evaluations and implementing changes based on the results. This allowed us to continue growing the account. ROAST have proved themselves as experts and we are excited for the relationship to continue.
Tamsyn Gabb Managing Director

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